Tough Week With The Energy – Last Bit Of Shedding Before 2010

Posted Thursday, December 24th, 2009. Filed Under Voices of wisdom

We Are In Retrograde
Are some of you finding you are exhausted? Do not have any motivation? Are irritable? Are Moody? Are down? Are you finding that your computer crashed or is giving you trouble? Your fridge acting up? Plans with friends are being changed or cancelled altogether?

If so, I just want you to know that you are not alone. We are in a Mercury Retrograde which is when there is a lot of contrast and things forcing you to be in the moment and deal with things both internally and externally.

I am told that it will last until around the 15th of January. So, what I have decided is to listen to my body and sleep or nap when I need, to exercise and take extra special care of my physical body, be in the moment and let things flow. My entire Christmas break was planned and every plan fell apart and because I was allowing myself to go with it, new plans arouse and me and the kids had tons of fun.

I am being challenged right now in so many ways with MY VALUE. I am shedding the last bit of this questioning for I KNOW WHO I AM and I know my work. I also received a great email the other day that talks about me following my truth and heart and letting it unfold vs. what I believed I need to unfold. That still requires my manipulation rather than trusting and knowing.

I am dealing with each incident as it arises and I too will shed this.

I am so ready for NOW and 2010. It is all being set up for us. Just go with the flow.

Enjoy this holiday with your family and friends. Let things unfold as they are meant it, it will make it more enjoyable.

I want to wish all those celebrating a very Merry Christmas!

All my love,



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