I was watching the other night when the host, Trevor, semi-sarcastically and semi-very seriously was reaching out to the younger voters … actually all voters– asking why on earth would they want to vote for Trump. He asked a very pointed question with reference to this: “Why would you vote for a man that hired/involved with Russian hackers to expose classified information?” “How can you trust this man?”.

I was reading an article that stated that some of the head people/leaders of the agencies (CIA, etc.) will not work with Trump if he wins.

I would like to think that the American public will really consider this question. Even if Trump is only remotely involved in the Clinton scandal that occurred as a result of the hacked emails the fact that he would align with a country/leader (Putin) who is unpredictable and rogue-like, should concern you.

Trevor Noah not only encouraged but implored the people of America, especially the younger generation, to come out and vote. In some countries it is mandatory to vote but not in Canada or USA. It is unfortunate because we have the luxury of choice – to vote or not to vote- whereas in some countries the luxury does not exist – there is no vote allowed.

In the least, whether you are voting Trump or Clinton, you must exercise your right and vote. It is so important. We have seen what happens when only 30% of the people of UK came out to vote… the next thing you know the UK is leaving EU – BREXIT.

Make a point to vote.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Summer is moving along. Enjoy.

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