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I find the messages from this man very inspiring and I want to share his work!

Jambo !
I’m finding it really hard to believe that I now have 14 published books… CDs, DVDs, speaking events, video courses, card decks, prayer flags, coffee mugs, candles, greeting cards, a magic wand, and on and on and on.

I remember so vividly, as if it were yesterday, when I had NOTHING… and I so dearly longed for having something, anything, even a tiny little booklet. I was so envious of my mother when she self-published Dandelion. I would have beat her to it with my book… if it had only been written.

What’s most baffling is that all my life, and to this very day, I usually feel like, “I don’t get focused enough to accomplish ANYTHING!” But still, to this very day, I keep showing up, writing a little something, tossing around some ideas, day dreaming great things… and then berating myself for lack of focus. Yet, somehow, therein, tipping points were reached to move the small mountains of my life and dreams.

My thoughts for this month, : keep dreaming, keep showing up, and over time, you too will see some mountains move. After all, you’re here for a reason, pushed on to greatness every day, with positive thoughts that are 10,000 times more powerful than negative ones. I also recommend that we both go easier on ourselves with the self-directed criticisms and overall lack of self-appreciation – better to whisper sweet nothings, while we celebrate that we’re even here, alive on Earth.

Love and hugs,

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