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This is an article that I read in the National Post, Thursday, October 28, 2010. While I am forging ahead with my youth movement, part of that movement is directed to the corporate world. The reason being is that many of the businesses and corporations still operate on an “old system” – bottom line profit, products/services, operations, etc. Many of these companies are hierarchical and multi-layered. I have talked how the younger generation is not as driven by the idea of profit and the ultimate dollar. They are more socially aware, want more of a life/work balance, want creativity and innovation in their work environment – want to be integrated into the work environment, and what will drive them to stay is an engaged work environment.

What I am referring to is the Corporate Culture: Who Are You and Do I Want To Work For You?

I am going to quote part of the article:
“While people place a great deal of emphasis on year-end profits and share price appreciation when deciding whether a company is thriving or not, one crucial aspect is often overlooked: it’s culture. That is changing with the growing recognition that corporate culture, the set of characteristics and values that are unique DNA of an organization, are crucial to its ultimate success or failure.
For six years now, the organizers of Canada’s 10 Most Admired Corporate Cultures programs have aimed to identify and celebrate companies where great cultures have translated into great results on the balance sheet and in less obvious places.
The program right from its inception, has really been about not just great places to work but corporate cultures that are deemed as assets that drive performance,” says Marty Parker, president and chief executive of Toronto-based executive search and professional recruitment firm, Waterstone Human Capital, the founder and presenter of the program.

For some companies the question is where to begin? For others, it is a matter of “self reflection” or corporate culture assessment where you go within and ask the hard questions: Who Are We? Are We Walking Out Talk? Are our Employees Engaged, Excited, Challenged, Feeling Rewarded and so on? Some companies still feel that the external “expert” consultant who does not work in the culture day in and day out will have more answers than your actual employees. This is not true. All answers lie within. You may need a consultant to help organize or co-ordinate however it is my true belief (and has been proven by companies who have excellent corporate cultures in place) that given the opportunity, an employee will not only rise to the occasion to create solutions but will surpass all expectations. Imagine integrating different levels, teams and the results (assuming you have effective/good teams in place) will astound you!

You can always achieve more as a community working together vs. an individual.

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