I saw this article in the paper last week. It wasn’t large however it caught my attention. As Canada is made up of so many cultures, backgrounds and religions I often think what would deter me from allowing someone to enter/stay in Canada as a refugee, landed immigrant or even citizen.

Canada is a ‘free’ country (we can debate this later!) where people live their life as they choose within the laws and boundaries set by Canadian law; municipally, provincially and federally. When a family moves here from a country especially one that is in turmoil or where the previous country has laws which are not in alignment or fit into the democratic thinking (i.e. men and women are equal) I believe that person must leave behind the ‘old laws’ and embrace what exists here in this great country.

Shari’ah law fits into the thinking of countries which are not congruent with the Canadian way of thinking. If you cannot live by our laws and accept that men and women are equal under the law then I say you can return back to your country. How can you come to this country and enforce on your children or spouse the Shari’ah way which totally goes against everything we believe in Canada? When I read a story about a young girl being killed by her father/brother/whomever, an honour killing, it angers me to no end. How can we let this happen in Canada? Yes, the people are charged and then put into our jails if convicted. I say rather than rack up the bills for our taxpayers, we send the family members back to their country and let them live with the laws of that country. For the members who wish to stay they need to embrace the Canadian culture, thinking and way of life.

It was shocking to see that Britain has accepted (don’t know if it is law yet) Shari’ah law for wills. A country that fought so hard in two world wars for freedom and where women stood up and challenged the system for their rights and won… astounds me that they will allow this law. I know that many Muslim people have moved to Britain and therefore make up a portion of their voting population, but this shakes the foundation of who Britain is.

It saddens me to see how a free country can be overtaken by a completely different thinking and by sheer numbers force the system to change in a way that is so opposite to who they are.

It will be interesting to see what Britain looks like in the next 5 years.

I hope Canada remains steadfast on the issue of equality of men and women.

I want to wish everyone a wonderful weekend.

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