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4 Tips to Have Your Resume ReadBy Melvin Wong – October 05, 2012

We’ve all heard one of the best way to get an HR manager’s attention is having a rocking resume. Everyone you have talked to about job hunting will give you this piece of advice, and they are right!

But what differentiates a good resume from a great resume? What should you include or not include? How should you leverage your experience to garner the most attention?

Lucky for you, we have scoured the best resources on the internet, to ensure your resume a read.

10 Things that Define a Killer Resume
This article will get you started on that killer resume. It puts into perspective what your resume is supposed to do for you. And general rules which all great resumes follow.

5 Tips for Setting the right Tone with Your Resume
An often overlooked portion of the resume, this article will help you obtain the best tone in your writing to grab your reader’s attention to get more than a quick look.

5 Examples of Beautiful resume/CV Web Templates
There is a saying that first impressions are everything. Did you know more employers are asking for links to your resume instead of word document? Here are 5 examples to help optimize your layout for white space and aesthetic design!

5 Resume Mistakes You’re Probably Making
Common mistakes turn off HR manager’s more than an empty pot of coffee in the kitchen. Make sure you aren’t making the same mistakes, or you might find your resume in the other pile.

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