Visiting India “on hold”

Posted Friday, September 2nd, 2016. Filed Under Voices of wisdom

Narendra Modi is the current Prime Minister of India. He has been quoted in the news on various topics and one that interests me surrounds what I call “India’s Rape Culture”. There was a recent article in the National Post that shared Narendra Modi’s views/comments on warning women visitors to India on how they should dress and act if they are to avoid being attacked/sexually assaulted.

I find it astounding in this day and age that an article of this content still exists. The article basically stated that women foreigners if they are to come to India should dress modestly and not short dresses or anything provocative to avoid any risk of assault/sexual assault/rape. The article also noted that the Prime Minister suggested that women, especially foreigners might want to stay home in the evening when it can become unsafe.

Really? The cause of the “rape culture” that exists in India is not the fault of women, especially foreign women. Are we living in the stone age? My desire to go to India has dropped immensely. It is too bad as my father travelled to India many times for his work and I met many nice business people (men) who came to my home and shared a meal.

I am not a feminist however I am for equal rights and feel that we are all human and do not look at one sex as better or worse.

The real problem is there are no consequences for actions and women, I believe, are seen as less equal/value to men. India is a country rich in history and it is a place that many of my friends have visited.

Who knows maybe my desire to go to India will return. For now I’ll put it on hold and look to other countries to visit that value women and don’t blame women foreigners for their internal issues.

I love being Canadian. I can walk out of my home, feel safe, meet all kinds of people from different backgrounds and culture, expose my children to diversity and not worry that the length of my dress will bring unwanted actions towards me.

On a lighter note, it’s the end of summer, Labour Day Weekend. I hope that you have a wonderful weekend. For those in Florida and dealing with the hurricane, be safe. Sept. 1 was the solar eclipse and new moon. Great time to plant your new seeds of desire. Go after what you want. Endings and beginnings.

Enjoy your weekend.

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