Watching Your Mother Follow and Share Her Dream

Posted Thursday, June 25th, 2009. Filed Under Voices of youth

How Do You Think You Will Feel Watching Your Mom Follow Her Dream?
I just watched three children be there by their mother’s side, Terri Klein, while she launched her book, Life Unwrapped; a book of poetry so beautifully written – inspired by her mother’s illness and death.  This book not only transformed her life however it impacted so many of her family and friends’ lives.
I loved that the daughter introduced her mother,  the author of her first self-published book! The words of prasie and kindess were so heartfelt that you knew the daughter was saying to us all, “Look at my mom, isn’t she amazing – she followed her dreams and she did it! I am so proud of you”.  And then Terri talked about her son, who was filming the event so that she can continue to learn from this.  She said it was the son who gave her the title of her book. Life Unwrapped. I love the title.

Terri is a source of inspiration and empowerment to her family and friends around her and now to the world.  If your mother or father is not your inspiration or guide that’s ok.  Our parents only know what they know.  Perhaps it is your journey to break a cycle.  I know that is my role with my parents.

Find the person who you resonate with and together watch your dreams unfold – support, guide and empower one another.

We are not too old nor too young to have our dreams unfold right in front of us. Just believe and yes, Terri, life is a gift!

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