What does that statement really mean? Close friends of mine attended the I Can Do It show this past weekend in Toronto. I wanted to attend however I was already committed to events. What they shared with me was that what one scientist, Bruce Lipton, discussed this very topic as mentioned above.

Many people believe that all their decisions and actions are driven by the conscious mind. I will present that this is not the case. Our results in life are directly linked to behaviour, thoughts, beliefs and feelings that sit within us. This is why so many people struggle in many areas of their lives. To make a change in your life, it requires awareness, flexibility/flow and acceptance for yourself and the situation. To break a cycle or to change something first you must be aware of it. Many people are not aware that their actions, beliefs and feelings hinder them rather than bringing them closer to who and what they really want or be. I was one such person. I knew I wanted to break certain cycles within myself and my family. How many people have said that “I will never be like my mother/father!” And sure enough in your actions or comments you find yourself doing or saying the same thing as your mother/father.

Bruce Lipton says and I believe, your subconscious learning begins in the womb — the developing baby can feel the energy of the mother-to-be and the father interacting. In the mother you can feel muscles contracting or tightening, heart racing, blood flowing more quickly, etc. This learning continues until the child in 6 years old. In most cases as adults, when we react/respond to a situation we are usually reacting to how we feel — our mind and body remembers what a situation like this felt like and as such we draw on that.

Throughout our life we have been telling ourselves stories that have become our belief system and thus sitting in our subconscious to draw from.

How do we change the subconscious and bring it into the conscious and every day? Well, it is like a muscle and once the awareness is there then we can begin the hard work. That requires using that muscle every day. If we want to change a behaviour, habit, shift a paradigm then we need change the story we are telling ourselves. “I am smart, I am good, I am healthy, I am a great parent, I am worthy of a great relationship, I am worthy of abundance, I am worthy of intimacy…” This is not easy and takes time. I like to say it is baby steps. Like a baby learning to walk, the baby gets up for a few steps and then falls down, gets back up again and then falls down again however eventually the baby is walking and talking and even running. When you are challenged to push yourself and come out of your comfort zone do so.. baby steps, one at a time. At first it will feel awkward and difficult and yes, you will often revert back to what you know. Therefore, by changing the story you tell yourself, you begin to change what you believe and feel and thus begin to change the outcome.

That is your journey ahead of you if you want to make the changes in your life and be all you can be. Surround yourself by a good support group. Someone or people that can remind you why you are doing this and help celebrate the little success because over time it will become habit and then you can enjoy who you are on a daily basis.

I look forward to helping those closest to me on this journey. In fact, they are also helping me shift my stories and belief systems about myself. I am breaking very difficult cycles in my life and taking baby steps helps.

To all my family and friends who had made this journey bearable — I love you.

I wish everyone a wonderful weekend and decide today to make the changes you want to see in your life and become all you can be — the person you really want not the person you have been told you are!

With all my love,


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One Response to “We are driven and use 95% of our Subconscious mind vs. 5% of the Conscious”

  1. Pedro Vallejo on May 26th, 2011 1:26 am

    Hi Sandra, nice article.
    “Mother Nature” in all her glory serves to remind me of how essential woman really is, for without wise women raising good men the world would truly be a living hell.
    Baby steps are nice ,but If I could chose I’d rather a solid foundation right from the placenta… Expecting and full fledged moms should always honoured.


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