We are half way through summer..

Posted Friday, August 3rd, 2012. Filed Under Voices of wisdom

I cannot believe we are half way through summer. I don’t even want to say… the days are flying.

Yesterday I was given a beautiful gift of a Buddha necklace and I was told this is to remind me to slow down. I thought I was (lol). I do consciously slow my mind down and be in the moment so that I can “BE”.

So to make this happen and take advantage of the remainder of the summer, rather than counting down the days until school starts, I will cherish each day, get as much done as I can (I have a number of goals right now) while still remembering to stop to enjoy the sunset, look up at the full moon, enjoy every morsel of a delicious meal, savour the wonderful red wine and smile and laugh with amazing people I surround myself with.

Tomorrow my boyfriend and I are going to see my boys for visitor’s day and I will enjoy this day and whatever it brings. We then (in Canada) get to enjoy a long weekend. I plan on taking it easy. I have a book that I want to finish reading!

For all of you out there, this weekend slow down and stop running. Enjoy the slowness that summer brings. Stop DOING and start BEING – relaxed, happy, with friends and so forth.

Have an amazing weekend, I know I will.

All my love,


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