We are not alone — we are all connected!

Posted Thursday, March 19th, 2009. Filed Under Voices of wisdom

I received an email from Sandy Santucci, a friend and client of Tom Martin, my PR Guy.  We had just completed my first teleclass to introduce my Empowerment work – body energy and healing work and “our” site.  The email highlighted something that is so important to me and a large impetus for this site — SOMETIMES WE FEEL ALONE in our personal life and in our business life – especially the sole proprietors who are building their businesses.  By sharing my personal story I hit a chord with Sandy that she is NOT ALONE and that many, if not all at some point in our lives, have felt alone/do feel alone.  

I am so grateful to Sandy for sharing her thoughts and  I really hope that others out there going through their own journeys know that they are not alone. I encourage others, like Sandy to share their thoughts, feelings and awareness. 

I have asked Sandy to contribute an article about her work, owner of Spa Tucci. Below you will see her contact information. Please check out her site.   As this is a time for stress for many it is important to keep ourselves healthy – physically, emotionally and spiritually.  This cost is well worth it and will help you to release the stress you are carrying.

Below is her email:

Great hearing from you, also looking forward to talking to you. Tom lent me a cd taping of you speaking. I started listening to it in my car and was amazed, now I understand what you do. Have you ever wondered how things come to us at certain times in our lives? It came at a time I feel I needed, sometimes I feel so alone in my life with business and it was just lifting for me knowing someone else felt that, did that and such and to even hear Saskia on there was inspiring. I look forward to just listening to it over and over again. Love to do an article for your site, what would you suggest? Colonics? Sincerely Sandy-

 Comment written by Sandy Santucci, owner of the Spa Tucci. Visit her site at www.spatucci.com and you can reach her at  cybexsandy@optonline.net. 914-528-1140.


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