I may have written about this topic before however I do feel it is appropriate to write about now, especially considering what is going on around the world and the many changes, challenging of systems and the emerging of countries with new leaders to drive the country (Tunisia and Libya as examples). The rate at which we are manifesting and changing is incredible.

I have been working on the creation of a youth development and empowerment program that I want to launch in the New Year. It is as much about the millennial youth, their development and empowerment and what they will create as it is about bridging the relationship between the baby boomers and the systems that they have created politically, socially, economically, and in their businesses and corporations. There is a disconnect between the two groups that is evident. After evaluating the habits, thinking patterns, their desires/needs/wants I truly believe, like all relationships, it’s a matter of understanding the other person’s language. Saying that, the real shift for me is taking what has worked in the past, discard the rest; understand what makes sense today ( what the millennial youth resonate with) and then make it relevant, executable and sustainable for today. Then comes the connecting of the two groups; finding the language that will allow both to understand one another. The benefit for this is tremendous: creating new ideas, new businesses, creating a mutually beneficial relationship that will hopefully be seen in policy decisions and government initiatives.

We have the perfect opportunity to apply this today. When we see what is going on in Europe with the financial crises it is as though they do not know how to fix the problem that they created. Tempers are flaring, there is name calling and people and countries do not want to take responsibility. I believe that there is a solution. Is it simple and easy?? – the answer is no. Is the answer to have China buy up all the bonds and then hold the power of these countries? For me, the answer would be a resounding no. That would be a band-aid solution and one where the countries hand away their power. Here is an opportunity for the leaders to evaluate their systems, see what has worked in the past, what is not working currently and how to create something new for today that will benefit all people but especially the younger people for they will inherit this mess. If this group of European leaders could actually put their egos aside and sit down with the intention of being creative and brainstorm I AM SURE THAT SOLUTIONS WILL START TO FORM – ATLEAST BABY STEPS TO CHANGE. The problem will not be fixed overnight and may take months if not years. Think of how long it took to create this problem. It means coming together for the greater good of the people, their country and the world. While this suggestion seems “simple” I can tell you the power of brainstorming is incredible– it means opening up to ALL POSSIBILITIES and IDEAS – not shutting down anything at this time. What is being handed to the millennial youth is a tremendous burden that was created by the generations before them. These are the grandchildren and children of these very people. Think of it that way.

So why do these leaders not do this? Why don’t they take their responsibility and then begin to make choices that make sense for today? I am sure that there are many thoughts out there.

Part of the problem, I feel, is that Baby boomers tend to look at history, their past, as their bench mark; longevity and security. It is a backward to forward thinking. It is ok to look to our past to learn however we cannot get stuck in our past. To do so will bring about the very destruction of what you created because things are always changing. The millennial youth come to things much differently. They look at the present and want to know what will something look like in the future – how can they create this – take what they know and add to it. The past is not as relevant to the millennial group. When I look at this I do feel that taking what works from the past is important; again, it must make sense for today. What you do not want to get stuck in is the long history as the only benchmark for future success. All we need to do is look at dinosaur companies that have gone by the wayside – one’s that had decades of strength behind them: Eaton’s, Nortel, Beta and VHS technology (Video Stores), Lehman Brothers, and so on.

What can the Baby Boomers learn from their past? They created the systems that exist today – politically, economically, financially and how businesses and corporations are run. If they went back in time to the 70s they would see that they were the ones who demanded change, the desire to stop war, wanted peace and had their “love” sit ins. The youth movement, “Occupy Wall Street”, is really no different from what they wanted. Can they go back to that time in their mind and remember why they had their movements? Why did they create certain things? Look at what they created and determine what is working today and what is NOT working today? If sustainability is important to these people, they MUST determine what are the trends that will impact them in the next decade; are the way their businesses and corporations being run effective and sustainable? Are they operating from a place of integrity and truth? Are they walking their talk? Is the consumption base society that they created – more, better, bigger really working? Is this what the millennial youth want? The millennials are your future workforce and leaders of tomorrow.

What may have worked at one time does not necessarily work today or at least part of it.

Being aware of our past is wonderful: we can celebrate the trail blazers that allow us to live the life we life in a free democratic country with freedom of speech and abundance of all things from water, food and shelter to every possible consumable item. The key is to not get stuck in this and to remember that things are always changing and with that we can bring forward what makes sense for today.

I want to wish everyone a wonderful weekend. I do hope that Europe resolves itself soon for everyone’s sake. I hope it means that the group of leaders come together in the best interest of all peoples and they begin to execute changes that make sense and are sustainable.

Europe is rich with history – take the lessons from our past and make it relevant to today.

All my love,


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