My son and I watched the Masterchef season 4 competition right through until the end. We saw the finale when Luca won. It was an intense show right until the end. The competition was fierce and it was truly the objective of the competitors to rid of their major rivals. Some even took pride in this. Only a few times did the other chefs help one another. There was one time I remember that one of the chefs, I think it was Natasha, one of the finalists, approach her rival Luca for butter or garlic (can’t remember) as she forgot to grab it and he did help her.

Now my son and I are watching Masterchef Junior that hosts kids ranging in age from 9-13 years. Aside from the age difference the biggest difference that I notice is the way these ‘competitors’ treat one another. This is what I love about children and their innocence — they not only encourage and support one another, they cheer on their competitors for a job well done. There is no animosity or desire to ‘bring down’ one another. I LOVE IT. Of course there will only be one winner however when one child is voted off there are tears and hugging for now they have to say good bye to there new friend.

Some will read this and argue that this is not ‘reality’ or how life is and I say …. why not?? At what point do we become this competitive, bring ’em down kind of people. When we hoard or only think of ourselves we keep information from others for the fear of being taken down or replaced. Yet if we can learn to collaborate and work together and share our knowledge and information then the power of two or three or more minds can actually come up with something tremendous and potentially life altering.

Some will say I am an idealist. Maybe. I say that all you have to do is watch children come together and work together, even compete and yet they do not have that malice and intent to hurt or survival of the fittest. This is a learned behaviour that we impose on our children who then become adults. This then becomes the norm. I ask you, the reader, is this the reality we choose and want?? Look at the US government who is still shut down — losing $10 billion every week (that is the stat I heard) — and only because of pressure are both sides willing to negotiate.

I think the adults can learn a lot from kids!

As we approach this weekend, Thanksgiving in Canada, let’s remember we are one country and one world. Take some time and let your inner child come out — show gratitude, compassion, friendship and support. Forget about the need to be right and first. Who cares.

I want to wish everyone a wonderful weekend and for my Canadian ‘friends’, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

All my love,


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