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I just returned from a trade show – IMBA which stands for the Independent Mortgage Brokers Association of Ontario. I was there to learn about this industry and to see where my skills can be brought in to make a difference in the workplace. How can bringing life skills, life lessons and my empowerment work to businesses bring about desired change – increased productivity, more sales, better communication, better leadership skills, long-term relationships and more.

I wrote last week about my “contrast” experience and what is crazy is that the main speaker today, Arlene Dickinson, a judge on CBC’s Dragons’ Den spoke for about an hour and in that hour she, for the most part, shared her life story. She told how her life experiences shaped who she is today not just in her business life — in her PERSONAL LIFE. She does not distinguish between the two. As an entrepreneur, she understands that our life lessons are the same lessons as the entrepreneur and takes these life lessons into business.

For me it is about learning and remembering who we are: our AUTHENTICITY! I am the kind of person, what you see is what you get. As we peel away our layers and discover and remember who we are and our brilliance, this becomes easier. It is more difficult for the person who believes they need to behave one way at work, one way at home, one way with friends, one way at their sports and so on. I dated a guy who was like this. It was so bizarre for me for I am the same person all the time… OK sometimes I am a bit grouchy around my “time of the month”, even sensitive BUT I still am who I am.

You have heard this before, life is a journey. It truly is and it is YOUR journey; one that is unique to you. Every thing that happens in your life is for a reason. There are times that we do understand this. You may even need to step back and ask yourself the hard question, how am I contributing to this? Know that it can be changed at any time by changing your thoughts and beliefs and feeling around something — even letting it go.

Take every step of your life, those lessons and bring them into every area of your life: personal, family, business, finances, wellness and more. Listen to the stories of others for their shared experience may open you up to something that you may not have considered, let alone experienced.

Enjoy this journey, be one with it!

Here is my picture with Arlene Dickinson

Me & Arlene Dickinson, the judge from CBC's Dragons' Den

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