The world is really a mess right now… there is much correction and clearing going on. We are seeing this happening all over the world. You can look at the middle east right now which is in the throws of eradicating the horrible dictators which have been able to rule with their corruption and greed. ENOUGH. There is the financial markets: Ireland, Portugal, Spain and Greece who are struggling because they have set up systems that they could not sustain. Again, a lot of it based on greed and manipulation. The U.S. is struggling to deal with its tremendous debt. They have until Tuesday of this coming week to pay their debt loans. They are in a financial crisis right now. Their actions or lack of action will impact all over the world. Truly I believe this was another system based on greed and manipulation.

We are seeing the results of decades of “ME” choices.

There was an interesting article that I just read in the National Post, “Without learning, success breads failure”. The article this week and was written by Gerard Seijts. I agree that it is only through learning that we can continue to grow and be successful – whatever that means to you and for you. For me it is continuing to move towards being my best of who I am and seeing this in all areas of my life.

In the article it was talking about Canada, specifically, the Finance Minister Jim Flaherty visiting Wall Street last month and he sang Canada’s praises for emerging virtually unscathed during the recent economic crisis. The author states most people would sing this song however he finds it premature. He says that while Canada should relish this success in this area, our business leaders, rather than going to a place of ego and patting themselves on the back, need to step back and first learn from this success.

There is something to say about Humility. It doesn’t mean that you do not acknowledge your success – what it means, to me, is that you look at what has transpired and what choices have been made over time that bought us to this point and then how can we continue to remain in this place where our system functions and can be sustained??

The author points out that while the saying,”success breeds success” there is the other side which is, “success breeds complacency and even failure”. He goes on to say that success can inhibit learning if people don’t take time to consider both what went wrong and right and what can be done better next time.

Right now, Canada’s success may create a false sense of overconfidence. The author writes that this is a dangerous road.. In fact, overconfidence was one of the leadership qualities associated with the 2008 economic crisis and its ongoing repercussions. Many of history’s great tragedies have stemmed from the overconfidence of leaders.

What does this mean?? For me, we are in a great time personally, professionally and just all over the world of coming to a place of awareness – what is working for us, what is not/does not serve us, what will bring us closer to the place of having the type of world that we want. We must consider how we choose – is it about the ME or WE factor. I choose the We factor and start to make choices that considers we are one world and everything impacts: cause and effect.

The author states, only by opening our minds (and our hearts) to learning at all times, in the face of success and failure, can we expand our knowledge and alter our assumptions about how the world works.

This weekend, which is a long weekend in Canada, take time to celebrate your successes. As for the areas of your life that are not working so well, sit down and be honest – what choices have you made to lead you up to this point. How can altering the way you think, feel and behave will shift this so that you can see the results that you want? I really want to emphasize the importance of acknowledging your successes for we seem to diminish their importance, “ok I did it what next…” HOWEVER do not stay in the ego and stuck on this for things can change in an instant. I have seen, and I am sure you have seen, people who do get complacent and the next thing you know that success is yesterday’s news.

I guess it comes down to being in the moment and enjoying that moment: stay open to all possibilities!

Have a great weekend.

All my love,


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