I am all for progress and innovation. I am also a believer that we need to incorporate what already works and make it relevant for today. I was watching one of the local talk-hosts, Marilyn Dennis, and she had a number of guests/specialists on her show. One was Debbie Travis for decor, the other was a financial person and the third was business-related person (can’t remember exactly). What stuck out in this portion of the show was they brought small time entrepreneurs on the show to ask the experts questions. One woman had created an on-line business of personalized and specialized photography – unique pictures, motivational words, and so forth. She wanted to create timeless pieces that can be hung in your baby’s room and be carried throughout their lifetime. Her question was how to transition from online to in-store with some of the bigger retailers. She felt that it is hard to distinguish herself amongst the 1000s if not millions of suppliers of artwork — what made her unique.

The answer from the experts was this: if you want to find your work in large retailers you need to go back to hitting the pavement and knocking on doors. There is NOTHING like building relationships face-to-face. People get to see who you are, what you represent and often on the spot a retailer may take 10 or 12 items and put them on the shelf if they like the product and depending on sales come back for more items. Business is not about social media and the latest message, it is about building relationships based on trust. There is a place for social media but that’s it a place.

It can never replace the face-to-face communication,relationship building and networking that happens.

I am back in the dating scene which I don’t like and most of what I don’t like is that again we have moved away from some of the old-fashioned ways. Technology, especially social media, has put people at an arms length. It is easier and safer to text than to go up and talk to someone. Many times you feel like you are on an interview.

I will like to see changes in our world but one of the changes is to see technology go back to a middle ground so that people understand, whether it be personal or professional, that we are humans and meant to connect. Emails, texting, social media is great to help us share content but it will never replace the intent — developing relationships.

I respect that some do not like to use the phone and only text or email, but for me, ultimately the friendship/business relationship will only go so deep.

This weekend when you want to text a friend or send a quick note because it’s easier than calling maybe decide to pick up the phone. You may be surprised at how much you actually enjoy talking to this friend.

I want to wish everyone a wonderful weekend.

All my love,


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