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Sandra Finkelstein
You will find below brief descriptions of the different sections of this site. For a full description please select the title or ‘read more’ to get the full details.

CORPORATE SERVICES : This section is focused on reaching the needs of businesses for today as well as over the next decade: succession, employee retention, employee engagement, improved client and internal relationships, leadership, corporate social responsibility, and consistent marketing for their on-line presence and marketing material . With my Human Resources & Marketing background, along with my own personal experience I have taken this knowledge and awareness, researched trends in the marketplace and looked at how these will impact businesses and the way they are doing business, both internally (employees) and externally (clients). Using my marketing and research skills I can help companies identify if their marketing material, on-line presence and content and the messages that they are providing for their current and potential customers are consistent with their mission statement and core values, “are you walking your talk?”. Further, when they are optimizing their site to drive traffic to their site with the intention of conversion, what are the keywords they are using – are they consistent with the content and messages. With my Human Resources background I have created workshops that are designed to empower, engage, lead to personal growth of your greatest asset, your employees. Whether you are coaching on the individual level or corporate level the principals are the same – the answers lie within. By hearing and listening to your employees, developing them and guiding them you will be left with an empowered employee that will result in increased productivity, better communication within as well as with the clients/customers, increase in sales and future potential growth. With a labour shortage predicted in Canada over the next decade, it is essential for businesses to meet the needs and desires of their employees – retention- while creating an environment that is enticing to attract future valuable employees. Finally, you will also find a “tips and tools blog” that will keep you abreast of shifts in the market, ways to incorporate these, and other tools that will assist both sides: the corporation and employee.

FOR THE WOMEN : I have dedicated a section to you called ALL ABOUT WOMEN. I want to continue to inspire and motivate you as well as provide you with numerous resources and tools in your journey of self awareness and personal growth. You will find the two blogs: VOICES OF WISDOM and FINANCIAL EMPOWERMENT as well as specific events/workshops that both myself and others are providing that focus on women and will assist you on your journey. Please read more for full info (there is too much to say)….

RESOURCES: In this section you will find many different resources and tools to assist you on your journey of self help, personal growth and empowering yourself: Motivational books, Spiritual Books, Children’s books, Sites, Magazines, DVDs/Movies-on-line, Courses & Teleclasses, and people that have inspired me. It is an evolving site and you can expect to see new ideas and recommendations every week – both from me and others. I am looking forward to your contributions, and to sharing your journey with others.

This section is all about the individual looking within, challenging themselves, and choosing to personally grow and develop. It is about becoming your authentic self: TAKING BACK YOUR POWER. Often a question that prompts this journey is WHO AM I? The small group workshops I have created are all designed to guide you on this journey of self awareness and knowledge; From a place of WHO AM I? to WHO I AM! There are 5 different workshops that are listed. I will offer this 5 part series in the Fall and Spring. Dates to be determined. You can take them one at a time or as a series.

As part of my empowerment work, I feel that health and wellness is an important area. It is one area that we can take accountability and responsibility: physically, emotionally and spiritually. The one-on-one service I offer is Reiki and Body Energy healing work. I am trained in body energy work after completing level I & II of Reiki as well as a Certificate in Medical Intuition Basics. Read More… This work is all about empowering the client.

MEDIA/PRESS: You can find all radio and blog talk radio interviews as well articles that I have written and were published.

CONTACT: This is how you can reach me. You can send me an email to and I will respond. On the home page you will find my twitter, facebook and linked in connections. You can pass this on to your friends!

This site is THE RESOURCE SITE and has a wealth of information. I am committed to my work on empowerment. The more that we learn to grow from within and become aware of who we are, the greater our external relationships will be. I know this first hand.
This site continues to be a community site because I believe that the changes we each make within ourselves will bring about the larger changes we seek to see in our world: socially, politically and economically. Through collaboration, sharing, and uniting, we can begin to see wonderful changes in our world.

I am extremely grateful to my girlfriends. This site is dedicated to them for their unconditional love. To Randee, thank you for helping me unfold my vision.


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