Welcoming the PanAm Games in Toronto – 2015!

Posted Friday, July 10th, 2015. Filed Under Voices of wisdom

Toronto is the host of the 2015 PanAm Games. It is an interesting dichotomy. For some people the comment is, “I want to be as far away from this as possible” and for others, like me who is going to the opening games, “It’s exciting”. 41 countries are part of the games.

I was reading today that some countries are not sending their elite athletes or at least not all of them as they would in the Olympics. That is too bad. Whatever the outcome, I believe it will be a great experience for the athletes and for the city.

The one impact is congestion within the city. I have had to drive downtown a number of times and it is busy for summer traffic. People are upset about the HOV lanes being restricted to 3+ people in a car. I heard on the news that one man was pulled over because he had 2 mannequins in the car with him. It is funny on one hand and stupidity on the other. He was charged.

Any opportunity to showcase our city is a good one. I know it is disruptive to the businesses downtown and people who work downtown however we need to think of the larger picture – we are putting ourselves on the world map and we should be proud of our country. In a time with so much terror, fear, anger, sadness, killings, death …. we get to celebrate something wonderful.

So I will let go of the inconveniences that will happen over the next few weeks and embrace the positivity, excitement and fun that it brings.

I hope you enjoy your weekend. I’ll be in red and white tonight to celebrate my country!

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