I was invited by my friend David Cohen, business/life coach, author and speaker for entrepreneurship both young and older workers – those retiring looking to their next business path (boomer coach) – to be part of a speaking panel at the National Job Fair at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on Tuesday, April 28th, 2015. David was asked to put together a two-day stretch of panelists that were truly inspiring.

I had the opportunity to be on a youth entrepreneur panel with Brandon Kreiger, CEO of KNSS Consulting group Inc. specializing in effective marketing through social media as well as Domanique Grant, singer, songwriter and international speaker empowering and engaging youth around the world.

Both younger than I, both widely accomplished in their own right, and both so inspiring to others. We crossed three generations – 20s, 30s and 40s yet we all spoke the same language. Listening to Domanique who is in her 20s tell her story and how she was determined to live out her passion – singing around the world, inspiring, engaging and empowering the youth – was so encouraging. At 21 (I believe) she was the youngest president of her co-operative where she lived. She is a true leader and agent of change.

Brandon, equally inspiring worked for the Ontario government in IT and new this was not for him. He did not align with the business model and left this where he ultimately started his own company with other IT specialists. We had some really good discussions on the youth and how they do business today. We both agree that while social media is crucial and the online presence will make or break you, there is still room and a necessity to build relationships face-to-face. He was telling me that the younger people want to talk to him through texting. So not to waste his time or his clients if they text him once to answer that is ok however if they continue to text him he will tell them every text costs them $25 so after two texts it’s $50 and he often gets a phone call to quickly resolve the issue. I LOVE THAT!

The common thread between the three of us was the understanding of how important rituals are and creating the positive energy to open up our work and attract who and what we want to our life. Do not be confused with simply manifesting by putting ‘a wish’ out there. No, this was about understanding who you are, your purpose, passion and Y you do something; putting affirmations and positive thoughts into place followed by actions. We all know that through our thoughts, belief and actions we influence our path. We do not have control over the outcome only the thoughts we hold and beliefs we have and the actions we do. We know we must let go of the outcome.

The other area we all agree is the importance of surrounding ourselves with the right people – people who lift us up, support our dreams and maybe even mentor and guide us. Domanique, with her youth and wisdom, stayed true to her even when others told her she couldn’t do what she wanted. She did find that one then two people who really believed in her even when she didn’t fully believe in herself and these people led her and mentored her. She told the audience how she was a shy child even bullied. Today, I can assure you she is beautiful, well spoken and articulate, and determined to follow her path and make a difference.

We also all agreed that it is important as an entrepreneur to follow your passion and not give up. It is about perseverance and getting up when you fall down. Whether we called it failure or learning moments, we all agreed that they are so important in life’s journey. This is what brings the success – trying and taking risks.

The panel discussion went well… I lost my train of thought at one moment as my mind moves quickly. I said sorry, but really I’m human. I loved everything that Brandon and Domanique had to contribute.

What I walked away with was the determination to create a entrepreneurship event that inspires the young through the dream for social change and also the older workforce that is not ready to lay down and die, the boomers. These two groups along with the emerging talent from the GEN Z will be a force to be reckoned with.


David approached me however I was having similar discussions about this with my network. We are all on the same page. I know for sure after re-entering the workforce, that creating your destiny is the way of the future. There are no jobs just waiting and many companies are behind the 8 ball when it comes to understanding the next level of leadership – GEN Y, Millennial and more so the GEN Z.

David, thank you for giving me this opportunity to be surrounded by such great people.

I want to wish everyone a stellar and epic weekend (as on one my friend’s always says). I will now begin the process of building this and see where it takes us.

All my love,



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