What A Last Few Days It Has Been!

Posted Thursday, July 22nd, 2010. Filed Under Voices of wisdom

I am so excited… I am up north – about 3 hours from Toronto – and going to see my son tomorrow for visitor’s day at his camp. I am taking him out of camp and spending 5+ hours with him – just me and him. The next day my ex and his wife and all the kids are going to see him.

I am really proud of him. He has been away for 3 weeks already. I know he misses me. I feel that this experience is so important for his personal growth and finding his way. Yup, he’ll “fall down” and then he’ll get right back up again. This is wonderful for his social learning.

I have been working really hard the last few days — going for my vision and dream. I am reaching out to corporations about my work. It is really exciting. I know that it may take many conversations before I sign one contract deal. Why I am so excited is that I am putting to action my dreams, visions and goals.

I am also reaching out to very successful people to ask if they will be part of my youth movement. Persistence … I need to be persistent and follow up. I waited 7 years to bring it to fruition — I definitely have patience.

I really do follow my own formula – Clarity + Intention + Action = Results. Go for your dreams! We are here to support you.

I am also exhausted so tonight I am going to relax and take it easy.


Enjoy your weekend.

All my love,


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