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I was flying down south with my kids for March break and I found this article in the Oprah magazine I wanted to share. It is called, “YOU…IN SIX WORDS”. This article written by Diane Hearst is really a story of a writer and editor named Larry Smith who in November 2006, issued a challenge to fans of his web publication, SMITH Magazine. He was inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s legendary shortest of short stories. Smith asked his readers to describe their lives in six words. The Six-Word Memoir contest officially ended after a month, but the stories kept coming. Five years on, participants have contributed more than half a million mini-memoirs.

I want to share what people have written and then I encourage you to write your own and post them on smithmag.net

I am more than a twin. Diane Campbell, 56. “As kids my identical twin and I were addressed by one name – tryke – kind of a combination of twin and tyke. Even our dad could not tell us apart”.

Surfing life’s ripples, wishing for waves. Karen Barbier, 49. “I find myself constantly searching for more excitement both in and out of the water. In the past year, I’ve run a half marathon and gone skydiving twice. I have so much more that I want to do”.

I have time to fix this. Tameika Head, 26. “I’m working as a low-level clerk in the federal government even though I have a biology degree. Every morning I wake up thinking I wasted four years of my life in college. One day, though, I’ll put myself on the right path and become the forensic scientist I’ve always wanted to be”.

I could go on and on. I want to share my six words:

I am truth, connected and one. Sandra Finkelstein, 44. “These words come from my journey to re-discover me, who I am. I have come to a place where I listen to my heart and this is my truth. I have re-connected with myself and who I am and my greatness and thus have re-connected with others. Finally, through my “truth and re-connection” process I have come to ‘remember’ one fundamental thing – we are all connected, all one. It is by coming together, collectively, that we will make a difference in this world, OUR world. It is up to us.

I just saw the movie, “The Lorax” by Dr. Seuss and it was incredible. I love the message — it is never too late to make a difference in our world; to change our ways, thinking and belief systems. Even with all of the damage that we have done to our world in the name of profit, consumerism and being self-serving, with a little shift we can make a major shift in our outcome. It is a choice like everything. As in the movie, even the nay-sayers came around and were willing to make a better world for ourselves and their children; their legacy.

This weekend I want you to sit down and think of your six words. You may have no idea where to start. I suggest you make a list of all the words that you align with and narrow down from there. Another option is to pay attention to words that stick out or pop up as you are driving or walking. You will know which 6 words mean something to you. You may have more than one grouping of 6 words. The only other thing that I will recommend is to keep it positive. You can write the same thing two ways – one in the positive and one in the negative. It’s your choice. Words are powerful and have meaning.

Have a great weekend. For those enjoying March break, have a great week!

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