What Does Baby Steps Mean?

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I have decided to touch on this topic following a conversation with a mother from school. She called me for my site name and then proceeded to “visit” it and read through the information. When I ran into her at school, I asked her what she thought and she said that she really liked it and it all “sounds” good but she is really busy. She has read many books and knows all of this — she starts to implement changes and within days or even weeks she stops and reverts back.

I look at her and say … “it’s all about baby steps”. She smiles for I am saying the exact thing she is thinking.

First to change a habit takes time. Some argue that you can do it in 21 days and others say more like 30 days. Whatever the time frame is, it is incremental and it starts with making the decision to make a change in one area of your life.

With some of my clients and friends it has been as simple as telling them to smile at 5 strangers over a week and see how you feel. Or waking up in the morning, taking a deep breathe in and counting to 3, holding your breathe and then breathing out. It can be so small, yet have a lasting effect for the day. If you do this each day it will eventually become a habit.

For others baby steps can mean writing in a journal every day or starting a work out regime. Whatever it is that you choose to do the most important thing for me is how it makes you feel. If you do something (while it may seem awkward or different at first) and it makes you feel good, then this is your heart and gut telling you that you are on the right track. If you implement a change and it makes you feel bad or not right or not good then I say tweak it or just let it go and find a different way to make the change.

For me I am also very busy … I have two young children, I am starting my Energy business, body energy work and Reiki, and promoting this site — which has already evolved to include a finance section. I have many friends, and see and speak to my family all the time. I can relate when someone says they are busy. What is more difficult to relate to for me is doing nothing for I know from nothing comes nothing. If I can empower you enough to just take that first baby step then you will know that you CAN DO IT. I want to alleviate any fears you may be holding. There is no judgment either way — the choice is up to you and even if I just plant a seed then I am happy.

I love to explain this using the metaphor of a penny doubling every day; how small changes can lead to the more transformational changes in your life, both internally and externally. In this day and age you cannot buy anything with a penny. I have heard that they may get rid of the penny altogether, this is how small and “insignificant” the penny is to some. For me it is different, for I know the compounding effect that a penny can have is astounding. If I said to you, “what do you want a million dollars or a penny that doubles every day for 31 days, which will you choose?” Most people will say I want the million dollars upfront. I know differently .. here’s why. Let’s look at this incrementally. On the first day you have 1 penny, on the 15th day you have 16,384 pennies ($163.84). On the 20th day you have 524,288 pennies ($5,242.88). Look what has happened in 20 days. Imagine what will happen in 11 more days … you will end up with $10,737,417.00! Now that is the power of compounding — it can be money or energy, it is still the same effect.

Taking that first step is just the beginning to whatever you want to change and create in your life. Start in one area as I said and then choose another one. I encourage you to start with yourself — loving and honouring yourself. If you choose to start somewhere else that is ok too, I do suggest that you at least do one thing to makes you feel good from within – smile at yourself in the mirror, say “I love you” to yourself, even give yourself a “self-hug”. To do this cross your arms in front of you and place your hands under your armpits and have your thumbs come out and facing up. No one knows what you are doing and it something that you can do at any time, any place.

I ask that you just begin — take that baby step.

Last week I provided a list of blog sites that I feel will empower and make a difference in your journey. Go to these different sites and pass them onto your friends. Some of these sites have been instrumental to me in my journey of baby steps to change.

Go for it and enjoy the journey.

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