What is HOPE?

Posted Thursday, June 30th, 2011. Filed Under Voices of wisdom

I wasn’t sure what I was going to write about this week. Things cross my path and I make a mental note and then I go with what hits me at the moment. I just finished reading an article and speaking with someone calling to wish me a happy birthday and the word HOPE came up twice.

In both cases I asked the person, “Is it really hope that we are talking about or is it TRUST?” Hope is something that we want to hold on to and to me (just my opinion) it is not definitive, meaning that we hope, however there is always the possibility that what we want will not prevail. Even saying that means, to me, that we know what the outcome will be OR at least we hope that is what it will be.

TRUST brings hope to a whole other level. For to trust means that you know that what is meant to be will happen and that by putting out what we want and then letting it go it will come in the way that it is meant to.

In the last two weeks I have been seeing this all around me. Myself and others have experienced this in a number of instances. I find that sometimes when we hope we get stuck for we put our hope in one person or one system or one thing (whatever it is) and rather than keep the energy around that desire moving, we stop. I have learned the hard way that to do so stops the creative flow and energy from the universe. If we trust than we can move along in a situation and evaluate it for what it is and then make a decision that feels right. ACTION. Being in action allows the universe to know we are serious and that we are open to all possibilities.

I am just about to begin the process of creating my charity designation. This reminder is important for I must not allow myself to get stuck or at least for not too long. I too have been caught in the hope that a person will be the one to open the door for me or make this or that happen. Usually this is not the case. When someone wants to make something happen for themselves or others, then it happens. Otherwise, you just hear a slew of excuses.

If you have been feeling stuck or pinning your hope on one person or company, then consider re-evaluating. It may mean tweaking something or it may mean scrapping altogether what you have been doing and opening yourself up to other people and/or situations. Put the intention of what you want out to the universe clearly and then begin the action … just start. It may not bring you exactly to where you are going or meant to be/do yet eventually it will. Sometimes your first actions is the preparation stage(s) for what is to come. In other words, you may have done all the paper work to get you ready for something and the first action falls through however now you are prepared for when the next action comes you have everything you need to act swiftly and purposefully.

I want to wish all those in Canada a happy July 1st and Canada Day. And for those in the United States, enjoy your July 4th, Independence Day! To all, have a wonderful weekend. Just begin with a small action!


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