What is perfect anyway?

Posted Friday, May 5th, 2017. Filed Under Voices of wisdom

All my best plans have gone by the wayside. When I hold the “perfect” vision in my mind of how something SHOULD be or look like or even feel like I am very often disappointed. That was then.

Now I hold a different vision in my mind … things are perfect with their imperfections. When I go with the flow and just allow things to unfold I find that the outcome is so much better. Being a former perfectionist (ok still have some of that in me) I do my best to let go of all that.

What has triggered this “discussion” is a conversation I had with a friend the other day when she shared that the “honeymoon” stage of her new relationship is over and she and her partner are seeing things a little differently. When we talk further she told me that she feels that he is holding the relationship to a standard of “perfection”; that they always have to be happy and in a good mood. I looked at her and shared I told the guy I am dating that I will likely disappoint you at sometime and I am not perfect however what makes this relationship so good is that we can talk about everything.

I wouldn’t want a relationship whereby I had to always be happy, on,


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