What is your internal radio dial set to?

Posted Thursday, August 8th, 2013. Filed Under Voices of wisdom

I read a great inspirational article on setting your internal dials. This is such a powerful time to manifest what we want. Some of us, many of us, are still plagued with the negative or the ego that pulls us back to feelings, actions or beliefs that keep us stuck or slow down the process of releasing/letting go of.

One of my deepest desires is to release the old patterns that have held me for so long and ‘stopped’ me from moving forward. In past, when I would receive ‘bad’ or disappointing news I would spend too much time thinking about this – getting stuck so to speak – and not allowing myself to move past. I am happy to say that this is changing for me. It really is a constant work-in-progress.

I did receive some disappointing news about an organization that I was hoping to do some work with. I allowed myself the sadness/disappointment and then I made the decision to trust the universe and know that this ‘no’ is only for now and that it is leading me towards my ‘yes’. I turned back to research and found some great organizations that I believe have an even better fit for my work.

I have also been working on releasing the negative patterns that used to hold me back from all that I can be/do. So when I read the article about setting my internal radio dial I did it. I combined this with visualizing and feeling it. My dials are set to abundance, my work and its impact, increasing my cash flow from my work, health/wellness, family, friendships and my partner. When my mind starts to wander and go into overdrive I just slow down and go to my ‘radio’ and physically, mentally and spiritually re-set my dials.

I am breaking cycles upon cycles. This is not easy to do. For those doing the same, I commend you.

I am determined. As I approach 50 I know that I will live a certain life and surround myself by liked-minded people. In fact, I will not give myself those 4 years, it begins right now.

This week a close friend of mine called to say that James Gray, a former member of the band Blue Rodeo, died of a fatal heart attack while walking home following a performance. My friend dated his younger brother and we grew up together. It was quite a shock. It reminds us that as human beings we really have such a short time on this earth (I believe the soul goes on!).

I read two great books this summer. The second book, Once We Were Brothers, taught me to NEVER give up.

This summer is nearly over … choose to do something that challenges you in a way that makes you uncomfortable. Then ask yourself why? Do you want to continue living your life the way it exists or do you choose to make changes? Follow your internal guidance – your heart. It guides you with unconditional love. Manifest your dreams and never give up.

Have a great weekend and enjoy each moment.

All my love,


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