What transformation do you hope the new year will bring for you?

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With all that many of us have dealt with this year I believe “transformation” is the perfect word for 2015.

I don’t hope.. I know the transformation for the new year is peace, joy and abundance in all areas of my life.

Let’s hear what some others had to say. From the latest January issue of Oprah magazine:

Greensboro, North Carolina
“I’m going to spoil myself. I’ll eat healthier, go to the gym, get my nails and hair done, bake my favourite treats, rest when needed – I might even buy myself some diamonds! I’m going to care for myself like I would my very best friend.”

Milford, New Hampshire
“After years of seeking approval from others, I am learning that the only person I need approval from is myself. I’m looking forward to what the year ahead has in store, and I will not let fear hold me back anymore.”

Birmingham, Alabama
I had been a couch potato for nearly half my adult life. But because of high cholesterol, I had to change my lifestyle. I hired a professional trainer, cleaned up my eating, and shed some pounds. Now I want to grow stronger and become an athlete. My trainer has guided me through two Warrior Dash races, and I hope to run a few 5Ks.”

Cresco, Pennsylvania
“In 2014, my wife and I decided to start a family after 21 years together. We entered a foster-to-adopt program and were blessed with an amazing 17-month-old girl. We never knew how much we’d love being mommies, and we hope she’ll officially be our daughter this year.”

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