What’s in your bucket list… What are you waiting for?

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I just watched the movie, The Bucket List, with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman about two men who are terminally ill. They happen to share a room and through conversation and so forth Jack Nicholson sees his “friend” writing this list. When he grabs the list and confronts him about this list, Morgan Freeman says, “this is my bucket list.. you know all the things you want to do in your life and never did”.

Jack Nicholson, who happens to be a billionaire — a man with a lot of money and no friends — suggests to Morgan Freeman that they take this journey together.

I always wonder why people wait until they are dying or later in their life to enjoy and do the things they really want to do. Isn’t life meant to be enjoyed? Are we not meant to be happy? My aunt worked her entire life and like many said when she retires she wanted to travel. Her and her daughter talked about doing that mother/daughter trip. So my aunt retires and she develops brain cancer within a few months. A year or so later she is dead. The trips never happened. She held off on what I call living and being, for what???

Then there are people that make their “bucket list” and never fulfill it. WHy? My great-aunt just published her second book. I am so proud of her. She is an inspiration to me. I am just finishing my book and I took will not hold back any longer on my dreams.

This weekend sit down and create a bucket list. It does not have to be monetarily driven. On Morgan Freeman’s list, one of his things was to “laugh to the point of crying about something really funny.”
I too will make my bucket list. I choose to embrace life fully and live it this way. I love to surround myself by people who are like this. Even though my son cannot swim this summer because of a burst ear drum, when I asked him if the glass is half empty or full, he said “full”. He has embraced camp and is making friends and really loving it. I am so happy for him.

I want to wish everyone a wonderful weekend. Take time to write this list but make it a “do” and “be” list not a “I hope” list.

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