When does histroy begin?

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This is the question that was posed in the book I am reading Exile about the relationship between a Jewish boy and a Palestinian woman that became lovers during a brief time at Harvard University. Their life intersects once again. This question is really a loaded question with no clear answer. Of course the Palestinians look at Israel as a forced upon decision that took land away from the Palestinians in 1948 and then given to the Jewish people. The Jews go back centuries and talk about many expulsions from Middle East and Europe and that this land is the land that G-d promised them.

I am not going to argue the point on either side even though I personally hold my own opinion, not only as a Jewish woman, more importantly as a human being.

After studying history for so many years I can tell you that too many wars have been fought over a piece of land, usually inches and often the resources the land holds. Even Canada, a young country, is still dealing with treaties signed between the “white men” and the Aboriginals.

For me the questions are how important is history and at what point does history become an obsession that curtails the growth of people, countries and the world?

To divert for a second I sat with a potential social media person that I am looking to hire for my book and I asked her: “Do you believe in peace and if so how do you think it can be achieved?” She immediately said yes. The how was a little more difficult. I told her my thoughts. I too believe peace is possible HOWEVER it can only come on an individual basis. In other words, for peace to exist you must feel it within. This is true on an individual level as much on a national and world level. To get to a place of peace from my experience is we must learn to forgive and let go. It is not the easiest to do especially if you have lived through bloodshed and saw the worst of humankind behaviour.

This brings me back to the question: When does history begin? Do we allow our past and the actions of past to control our present let alone our future? How can there ever be peace when people harbour so much hatred and anger sometimes not even firsthand rather passed on. When I think about the Aboriginals of Canada including all fractions and tribes I think, you are holding onto a Canada that no longer exists. Canada is multicultural, not homogeneous. The “white man” feeling has been carried forward to represent anyone that isn’t Aboriginal. That would be like me hating all German people because Jews died in the holocaust. I thankfully didn’t lose any family however I know many that did.

Can we ever get to the place where forgiveness and letting go can really happen? I think so. The more we as humans begin to recognize our fellow humans and treat them as such; stop identifying people by their religion or cultural background, turn to love more than anger or hatred; walk the walk than we can remove so many layers of historical hatred and anger and see each other as human beings. We all seek the same thing – to be loved, accepted and treated well.

If you have been harbouring anger or hatred to something or someone in your life step back and ask yourself if this is serving you and your higher purpose? Can you let go of the anger and/or hatred and release it so that it no longer controls you? You may choose to never see the person again or put yourself in the same position which is fine however you will free up so much ‘space’ in your life to do what you really want to do.

I know that this will happen when you are ready, if at all. I do hope that you have a wonderful weekend. Think about this question.

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