When You Begin To Feel Drained Remember to Fill Your Well

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March break is fast approaching and I am feeling tired and drained. So are my kids. We need a break – no school, no work, no structure.  I am taking my kids up north and just CHILLAXING (combination of chilling and relaxing)!  

Below is a great article and guide on FILLING YOUR WELL by Christy Goldfeder.

Filling the Well
Why self care is essential and 5 ways to get started

As women, many of us are naturally nurturing toward others. We are the caregivers as mothers, daughters, sisters and friends. We are empathic and tend to be more willing to give out than take back.

While giving can feel virtuous, it’s important to allow yourself to receive, too. When you put forth too much of your energies without receiving energy in exchange, you drain yourself physically, mentally and emotionally. Physically, you become run down and catch colds, the flu, or other illnesses. Mentally, you feel clouded, have excessive worry and unrest. Emotionally, you feel scattered, anxious or depressed. If you ignore the warning signals our body sends out, you fall out of balance and get ill – and then must slow down and take care of yourself.

But when you take care of yourself on a regular basis, you’re less likely to feel out of sorts or come down with illnesses. When you practice self care, you replenish your well – you feed yourself on all levels. It’s an expression of self love that helps you give more. Think about it – if you’re always running on empty, how can you have the energy to do everything you want and love to do? And how can you have anything to give to others if you can’t find the time to nourish yourself?

Here are five simple steps you can take to make sure that you’re feeling great every day:

Eat regularly and healthfully – If you regularly skip meals because you feel like you don’t have time to eat, change that habit and make sure that you get something nutritious to eat when you need it. Put it in your schedule if you have to. Going for too long without eating causes your blood sugar to drop and can put you off balance. Eating nourishing meals at regular times will ensure that your body can keep running throughout the day without energy slumps, sugar crashes, or urgent desires to grab an unhealthy quick fix. If you’re on the go, make sure you bring healthy snacks with you.

Choose foods that replenish you and give you energy. When you choose foods that are whole and unprocessed, you give your body the elements it needs to stay healthy and running energetically. Include variety – a rainbow of vegetables and fruits, various legumes, grains and spices, and lean, naturally-raised animal proteins if you eat them. Variety not only pleases the taste buds but also gives you a greater range of nutrients that you need to sustain all of your systems. Choose quality over quantity.

Tune in – When you’re craving foods, slow down and listen to your body. Pause, close your eyes, and put one hand on your heart and the other on your belly. What is your body really saying to you? Do you really crave sweets, or is it a craving for something else – love, affection, or security?

If you habitually eat certain foods, look into the reasons why you do so. Do they represent a certain period of time in your life? Do they evoke fond memories? By tuning into your body, you may be able to satisfy your cravings more effectively. Instead of turning to certain foods, you may be more nourished by spending time with a dear, old friend or spending time on a hobby that you love. The more you practice tuning in to your own body, the easier it will be for you to read its signals. You’ll know when you’re worn out and need to recharge because you’ll receive the signals your body sends out.

Enjoy self-care treats – Relax with a soothing cup of tea on a cold day. Make time to read a book for fun – make sure it’s purely for leisure, whether for you that means romance, fantasy, thriller or sci-fi. Dance to your favorite music in your living room. Massage your feet in the evening before bed for better sleep. Take a soothing bath with your favorite bath salts or a bath bomb. For everything that you do in your life, you definitely deserve a special treat that nourishes your spirit. Don’t forget to give these to yourself on a regular basis.

Create a joy journal – Love every day you have by writing about everything that’s good in your life. You can journal in the morning, the evening or both. Morning journaling sets you up for a successful day, while evening journaling can help you appreciate your day and everything you accomplished. Whatever time you decide to write, be sure to include things that make you feel grateful, positive affirmations, and appreciation for yourself. Don’t forget that you are an amazing being, and you do amazing things each day. Celebrate all of your wins.

De-stress and let go – You can’t relax when you have a troubled mind. Articulating your thoughts helps get them out of your head and can allow you to examine them in a more rational and less circular way. If something is bothering you, it helps to talk it through with a good friend. Journaling it out can also help you release conflicting feelings and examine your thoughts. If you feel plagued with negative thoughts and feelings, it can help to talk to a professional who can help you sort them out – a counselor, psychologist, or spiritual advisor can help.

Remember, being self-centered by practicing self care is an expression of generosity – it’s you being generous to yourself. Loving yourself by practicing self care on a regular basis allows you to love more, give more, and be more in this world.


Christy Goldfeder is a certified health counselor and professional writer based in Brooklyn, New York. She empowers women to live their best lives by teaching them to eat healthfully and live happily. To learn more about her one-on-one and group coaching, teleclasses and free resources can help you create your own delicious life, visit her at http:// liveadeliciouslife.com.



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