Where has customer service gone?

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When I bought my new fridge I bought a 4-year warranty. I had dinner the other weekend for 19 people (my family) and someone closed my fridge and unfortunately broke a piece. It wasn’t anyones fault and in fact the person likely didn’t even know. It’s just one of those things that happens. And it is your family to boot!

So I called the company that deals with my extended warranty and arranged for a service call. The man came out and sure enough the piece that I suspected was broken was. He ordered me a new piece and said he would call when the piece was in. It would likely take a week. So a week later I received a call and I arranged to have the service technician come in yesterday. The window was 12-5pm. Quite a large window.

I planned my day as such. In fact I thought it was a four hour window for I forgot.
Around 4:45pm I called the warranty company and they said the window was actually 12-5pm so I understood. The woman told me that the service rep has my docket and that I am still slotted for my schedule. The time went by and it was 5:45 and I called again. This time I spoke directly to the company, Whirlpool, and I was told that she will call him and he didn’t answer so she left a message for him to call me. At this point I am not happy as I was supposed to attend a networking evening that I wanted to go to. She also emailed the guy and got no response.

At 6:15pm I called again and I was less than patient and not happy. No call. Again the woman called the service agent and left a message and emailed. The best is that when I told her I just spent my entire afternoon at home waiting and that what did she recommend as a solution she told me that I can reschedule another 5 hour window. I told her no way and that if she wanted to pay me for my time I am happy to send her a bill. I also told her if I operated my business this way I would have no customers.

Lo and behold I waited until 7pm and no phone call. So I left went on with my night. I went out for dinner with a friend of mine. We went to a local deli restaurant in the area. We walk in and there are plenty of tables. He is on a time schedule as he had to take his son to hockey. There is a couple in front of us. I see them pointing to an area and then walk into the restaurant only to come back out with the hostess. I say to her we are also two. I ask the people ahead of us why didn’t she seat them. She told them that the one area with seats only had one waiter/service person and that server was overwhelmed and the other area a whole bunch of people had just left and the tables were not cleared yet.

She said it would be 5-10 minutes. So the people in front of us decide to leave. When the hostess came back I said the people left. I turned to my friend and said, if this was my restaurant I would be furious. They were obviously low on staff or the staff was not trained well. As soon as a table leaves the bus boy/girl should be clearing the table so turn over for another customer. The hostess shrugged off the customer. This is not a high end restaurant and rely on turnover. We eat. The service was ok. I came home and he went on his way.

The next morning first thing I call whirlpool. The customer service agent was so happy, I felt bad sharing my news but I feel it is important and so wrong that their service rep didn’t even call. I tell her the whole story and that I called 2 times and the company tried to reach out and call, left a message and emailed for this person to get in touch with me. I told her I feel like I wasted 7 hours of my day.

She emails the service rep and his superior and calls him and leaves a message.

At 11am that morning I receive a call from the service rep who proceeds to tell me that he called me yesterday and that I didn’t answer and he didn’t leave a message on my home phone. I told him he did not call me as I have call display and call waiting. He then said he called my cell which I said he did not as I had my phone with me all day. I am flabbergasted that this person is lying to me. Just take your responsibility and say sorry. Nope. We did make another time for him to come when someone is home.

I guess what blows me away is the level of service that is out there today.

It is shocking. If this is how we treat people then no wonder our world is in the shape we are in.

It is a sad statement of human kind. Some could argue that is not everyone or everywhere. Myself and my friends have seen the level of customer service decline. While the USA is better than Canada I am not sure it is just a Canadian thing.

I am will be in Australia and I am curious how I will fare downunder.

I guess my only comment from this is we would do much better if we took our responsibility and just owned up. If that service person would have called me to say that he was behind schedule or something came up then I would have acknowledged and rescheduled. I likely would not have been happy but at least I could go out and get some things done.

All I can say is that we need to be that person we want others to be. I am respectful of peoples’ time and will continue to be. I also know that I make mistakes and when I do I own up to it. I will also challenge those that try and shirk their responsibility.

It really is simple,treat others as you want to be treated. For some the shock might be when they are treated less than. I wish people cared more and I hope that you are one of those people.

I am wishing you all a great weekend. Some food for thought.

All my love,


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