Where Is Canada Headed? .. We need the Youth More Than Ever

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Last night I attended the federal election debate for my area. It is the first time I have taken the time to do so, the reason being, I HATE POLITICS FOR I FIND IT BULLSHIT. That is likely why I will never enter politics. My friend Lynn and I decided to attend and hear what the candidates have to say. I personally wanted to hear what the candidates and their party are going to do for the Canadian families – you know the ones that they say they care so much about.

We have seen some great photo ops! Oh yah. Now what about putting words to action. I have been outraged by the price of gas. It has reached nearly the highest levels in history: $1.38/litre – full serve and $1.35+/litre self-serve. I do not want to even tell you what it will cost you to fill your tank with premium gas! So I will focus on the masses that use regular gas.

The discussion begins and there is no mention of price of gas, inflation, cost of goods going up due to higher oil prices – we sell our Oil to China and then they in turn produce goods with it and then ship it back and we pay more! There is also the concern of the rising cost of food. We were allowed to write a question and put it in a box and then the facilitator randomly selected a number of questions to ask the candidates. I wrote a question about how the government in power plans on taking care of families with the rising cost of oil, gas and food? My question wasn’t chosen. The topics chosen were about Israel, health care, pension funds and environment. In terms of the candidates answering, there was the Animal Rights Party, PC, Liberals, NDP and Green Party representatives. While I agree with some of the animal rights and many of the Green party suggestions – I will focus on the other three.

Some very good questions were asked, however, in political fashion not ONE OF THE THREE CANDIDATES answered the question answered in any specifics. It was all general and of course left up to interpretation. And then there was the bringing down of the other party. NOT ONCE DID I HEAR A CLEAR RECOMMENDATION OR SOLUTION. I sat there in my seat and at times I wanted to tell the NDP candidate to SHUT UP. He would have done better to say less and have more impact. I was thoroughly disappointed all around.

Each one took their turn at bringing the other party down. Again, no alterative solution just mud slinging. What did come out of this session was some clear understanding that Canada is heading down a dangerous path. We are being told one lie after another. The NDP’s want to spend, spend, spend as do the Liberals. I will like to know where DO THEY THINK THE MONEY IS GOING TO COME FROM? We are in a deficit position at this point and time. That means we are spending more than we are earning. And the PCs – well some very alarming news about their environment policies came out: Ones that I CANNOT ENDORSE NOR SUPPORT. Canada has become a hinder to the environment. The Oil Sands is devastating to our environment – we need to find an alternative way to extract the oil. The Harper govt has stated that it supports selling Asbestos to other countries. How In G-d’s name can we ever support the sale of a cancer causing material to another country. That is UNACCEPTABLE. I, as a Canadian, and lover of all peoples’ cannot support this. It will mean finding new jobs for the people of these companies or alternatives to this method. Than let’s do it.

It was stated so many times, by the voters and the representative of the Green Party – that a minority government works best in other democractic countries. AND IT WORKS WELL. In Germany the corporate tax is 30% and the country is thriving. We are looking to cut corporate tax to 16% which will truly only benefit big business and this will cost the country a revenue source. We need to find a way to keep the corporate tax at 18%, which is far below the US and other European countries, and find other means to offer corporations tax advantages – perhaps through donations. There was a couple of questions that were asked that I thought were really important and can make a difference. One that I want to highlight is to do with the size of our government. Why has the size of our government grown so large? This is important for it affects Canadians because each of these federal employees have the ability to retire at age 55 and receive FULL PENSION (OH YA IT COMES FROM US) until age 85 (I believe that is what was said). We are about to see a large group of people retiring in the next few years and it is going to cost the Canadian people A LOT OF MONEY. That is only one part of the issue. We have duplication and waste between the levels of government – In business we look for way to cut costs and reduce waste and duplication. In government – this DOES NOT HAPPEN. No one cares because it is not their money. IT MAKES ME SICK.

Let’s reduce the waste in our government – duplication of efforts between the federal, provincial and municipal governments. Let’s begin to pool our resources and tools — and collaborate — YES I SAID IT, WORK TOGETHER FOR A WIN/WIN SITUATION.

I liken everything to a relationship. Right now as it exists, we are one big dysfunctional family. WHY????? Because we have no accountability, responsibility and transparency. We have not one leader who is about truth and willing to walk his/her talk – AND THEN BE ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR CHOICES AND ACTIONS. If the PM and his/her party were my parents and I was the child – the examples that they are setting is unacceptable and not to be followed.

This is why I have put so much effort to our youth. As a mother of two young boys – 8 and 11 years old I cannot sit by idly and watch this country go down the drain. This is a great country with incredible potential. We have the ability to be a great leader amongst our own people and then that of the world. It begins with our YOUTH. What I love about our youth is their desire to demand truth and transparency. They do not readily accept what is said. They will challenge the systems. I am not sure about the kids listening to the lies of the NDP – most of what they promised cannot be done or sustained. What I see the kids and youth are saying is, “we want change”. The problem is that there is NO REAL CHOICE here.

My work with the youth is about planting the seeds – speaking your truth, setting your boundaries, challenging the systems, coming up with solutions or alterantives, finding a way work for a win/win of two or more parties, collaboration and empowerment. It will come through the various programs I am doing, through guidance and mentoring and then allowing and even pushing the Youth to Walk Their Talk — they will be the agents of change and force a movement from bottom up.

I look forward to the day when I sit and hear a federal electorial debate that has meaning and provides us with real choice and solutoins. Let it be built on the premise of truth, love (for all peoples/animals), and respect.

Just give me 1 decade – that’s 10 years … and you will see a different candidate!

Have a wonderful weekend.

All my love,


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