I love being Canadian. There is so much to be grateful for with our country. The issue that I have, as with so many people, is that Canadians were sleepwalking – not realizing their full brilliance and potential. The Canadian Olympic spirit started slow and then built momentum to the point of frenzy. I will admit that seeing our athletes do so well in the world stage is incredible — and winning the gold medal in Men’s Hockey on that Sunday night was beyond thrilling – it’s like a tsunami ran through us bringing all Canadians together. I also wanted to say — YOU GIRLS ROCKED IN THE OLYMPICS – WAY TO GO!!

Whether it is a country or a person, to move into your brilliance means you need to be true to who you are – as Canadians we are polite and we will say sorry — more than that we are a country that is made up of so many cultures, background and all the major religions yet we can come together and be one by tolerating and honouring these differences. That is what makes us Canadian. We need to be true to who we are – we are not Americans, we are not British, we are not Aussies, WE ARE CANADIAN. Let’s embrace this new wave of awareness and continue on this path.

I love it.

Below is an email that I received from a friend and I want to share it with you:

Wake up Canada

After watching the winter Olympics in Vancouver, the feeling of pride, images of glory, but the overwhelming feeling I got of AWARENESS is incredible. Not individual awareness, but “Country Awareness!”

Canada was recognized, not just for it’s beauty, not just for it’s people and tolerance, but as this unique place in the world. “We have arrived!”. We have a place in this world, a country founded on humanity, where we believe that we can grow to be that place that takes the lead in so many areas, health, humanitarian needs, environmental concerns and self awareness. Yes, self awareness, Canada is an amazing place.

Throughout this great land the voices are echoing that Canada is a leader in this world and this tiny population in this vast nation has arrived and we can guide, educate, cooperate and lead this planet in this new world…and it feels GREAT!
Awareness and Clarity bring results. This is the path that I am following with our women, our youth and our corporate world. I am building a tribe, a movement, to see this come to fruition.

All my love,


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