Who is supporting our “cure” runs, walks, etc.

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This letter was sent to me and I will post it for you to think about:

Hi Sandra

Hope you are doing well. Sorry I haven’t called you. I will phone you today. It has been so hectic with work, kids etc. I hope you are doing well. There was a feature on CBC news about the movie Pink Ribbons, Inc. It talks about how the “Run For the Cure” etc are all driven by corporations so that they can increase their corporate profits. Some of these corporations like car companies should not be promoting breast cancer cures since car exhausts release carcinogenic substances. One of the big corporations originally involved in the whole breast cancer cure movement was a pharmaceutical company which made pesticides which is a known carcinogen which can have an impact on breast cancer. They don’t talk about the fact that we don’t know yet exactly what causes breast cancer. The number of women getting this disease has increased dramatically. It is unclear how much of the money given to breast cancer organizations actually goes to finding a cure.

We need to take corporations out of the whole breast cancer movement and work towards creating a world where we have a cleaner, healthier environment with healthy food and inexpensive access to sports and other healthy exercise. Finding a cure for the millions of women who have had breast cancer should not be a “for profit” business. Thought you might be interested in this to maybe put on your website/blog if you want to.

Love you lots,


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