Who stops you from your dreams?

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It is so easy to blame others, circumstance, lack of education, or whatever on why our dreams don’t come true however the only person who stops you from achieving your dream is you.

My book is moving along nicely in many respects. What has slowed is the idea of partnering with some key people. Yes it may be because of summertime and people are away on holidays or that summertime is not the time for companies to make big decisions… is that really the case?

I have seen the process of manifestation speed up and slow down. It turns out that I am the driver whether I want to admit it or not. We get distracted, absorbed with other peoples’ issues and just plain put aside our own dreams and desires. That doesn’t mean that we cannot support others on their journey. No, of course we can. It just means don’t forget about the Self/you.

I received this TUT message (my daily message) and it really hit hard because I have been wondering why things have slowed down considerably.

I received this message yesterday:

“Dreams come true, that’s what they do. The only variable is when.

For the slow approach: Resist. Attach. Insist. Deny. Stop. Second guess. Whine. Argue. Defend. Protest. Cry. Struggle. And ask others, when you know the answer yourself.

For the quick approach: Visualize. Pretend. Prepare. Dodge. Roll. Serpentine. Do not waiver over intentions, but over methods. Show up, even when nothing happens. And give thanks in advance.”

I was embracing the quick approach and then must have shifted to the slower one. I realized this the other night and I don’t want this and will shift gears to bring me back to the quick approach.

It means surrounding yourself with uplifting people who encourage you to go for your dreams and more importantly you seeing this for yourself.

Times can be tough in life… it is especially these times that we visualize and see what we do want. Of course this must be accompanied by action and belief on your end. You cannot wish things out of thin air. If you want a certain job then do all you can to prepare yourself for being in that job.

I hope that you are all having a wonderful summer. The weather has been interesting. We had a lot of rain and now it is really nice.

Take these words, ponder them and see where are you shorting yourself on your dreams. We all deserve the best just because. I truly believe this. It differs for each one of us.

I want to wish you all a wonderful weekend.

Expand and create.

All my love,


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