I am watching my father struggle with the illness of my aunt. She is three years younger than him, 66 years old. She worked many years and then retired last year – June 2009. By October of 2009 she discovered she had a brain tumor. Thankfully with the treatment, the tumor “went away”. This was in the Spring of 2010. By the late Summer 2010 she discovered once again that she had a new tumor — one more aggressive.

Understand that my father and his sister were never close. We did not spend a lot of time with her. She had her life and we had ours. They did not overlap much. I loved her — not so much because we were close but because she is family. Would I stop my life for her, likely not, however if she needed something and I can help I will. That is me.

Now that my aunt is really ill and it is likely that she will get more tumours – he is visiting her. I think to myself why do we wait for a catastrophe, disaster, illness or the like to be kind to others, include others, create that sense of community?

To me this act can be on a daily basis. There was a time where everyone knew their neighbours, people would drop in, if you needed a cup of sugar you just yell outside or knocked on a door, asked and you were given. I remember one of the neighbourhoods I lived in I really did not feel that sense of community. I remember needing an egg for a recipe and I thought to myself who can I go to? The answer was really no one. (the girlfriend who lived close doesn’t cook much and didn’t have what I needed). I have since moved to a neighbourhood where I feel more part of the community and it is nice.

I feel what it comes down to is caring – also taking the time to slow down so you can show you care. We are so busy going, going, going that if we just slowed down a bit we can stop and say hello, smile and ask how our neighbour’s day is. Everyone – charities, friends, colleagues- are all asking for money for one cause or another. Not everything needs to come down to money. It can be just going through your closets twice a year and getting rid of clothes you no longer want and then taking the time to drop them to a shelter where you know that someone will benefit. This can be true for items you are no longer using: Sports equipment, golf clubs, skis, etc. Kidz2Kidz is “led” by our children who are doing just that – collecting gently used sports, leisure, art supplies, and musical equipment to give to families and communities in need.

It is always the little things that add up over time. Picking up garbage or not throwing your waste down, giving someone a hug or an encouraging word. Let’s start to implement these things on a daily basis and we will begin to see a different community, city, country and world.

Before I finish I wanted to include a couple of comments from the women who attended that Spiritual Service for the Jewish New Year. This is an example of creating a community for women who were feeling disconnected from their religion:

Dear Sandra, Karen and Spiritual Divas Sisters,

It’s hard to believe that another year has come and gone. Whew! So, here we are once again, ushering in the Jewish New Year in the warmth of Sandra’s home and loving every single minute together. Sharing, meditation, spiritual readings, goal setting, affirmations, chanting, discussion and song were on the agenda. Smiles, laughter, introspection, personal anecdotes, some tears, some reminiscing were adjuncts to the agenda. All this made for a delicious meal – a spiritual meal. At the close of our gathering I certainly felt very full.

I am grateful to have shared in this spiritual meal. Thank you, dear Spiritual Divas Sisters for being so very present. Until next year, take good care. Embrace your goddess within. And have yourselves a wonder-filled year ahead.

Lookin’ forward, as always and in all ways, I am………Rhea L.

Aliza Rivlin wrote:

I feel angels surrounding me, I listen about their life as a message to help me, their knowledge as a tool of communicating it give me an awakening in my life.

Have a wonderful weekend. Please do one little act of kindness and see how you feel – you will likely find “it makes you feel good” and guess what it did not cost you a penny!

All my love,


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