Wishing everyone a happy and joyous Spring!

Posted Thursday, March 22nd, 2012. Filed Under Voices of wisdom

This is the first time in as long as I can remember that the spring weather superseded the actual spring date. We have had spring-like weather for weeks now. It has been incredible. The official spring equinox arrived on Wed. March 21st.

As with spring it is a time to clean out, throw out, release, let go and then open up space to plant our seeds: physically, emotionally and spiritually. The spring equinox was a powerful one. While there is still so much fear out there we are moving away from the male dominated energy towards a balanced energy, masculine and feminine. The spring cleaning that we do in our homes, offices, and so on is being done on a larger scale in the environment (mother earth and sky) and universe. We are slowly ridding ourselves of corrupt governments, looking to stabilize and balance the financial markets (that may take a bit longer) and most important realizing that we are one world.

I want to get back to planting the seeds. Now more than ever it is imperative that you sit down and ask yourself, “what do I want?” I know that is what I will be doing this weekend. I will set my intentions for my life with respect to my work, my book, my children, my boyfriend and our future, my home, travelling and more. We are the designers of our life and our thoughts, beliefs, and actions. These will determine our outcome. I recognize that I still hold some of my old patterns that are not serving me well so part if this weekend is to acknowledge how I am feeling and then let it go.

It is my time and I will embrace every minute of what is about to happen in my life. I am excited to finish my book and bring it to the youth, both here and abroad. I am also excited to work in the corporate world helping companies brand themselves through their corporate culture. Patience is the message I am getting.

So I need to step back and plant the seeds of my intentions of what I desire. I ask that you do the same this weekend. Take time to really consider what you want in your life. You deserve it!

I want to wish everyone a wonderful spring like day (for those in the southern hemisphere – a wonderful fall day).

All my love,


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