Wishing everyone a Happy Easter and Happy Passover

Posted Friday, April 18th, 2014. Filed Under Voices of wisdom

The time has flown and here we are at Good Friday. This holiday, like all, has a different meaning to different people.

This week is also the celebration of Passover – a celebration of freedom from slavery for the Jewish people.

For many this is also a time to bring family and friends together and enjoy each others company. As I am less religious and more traditional this is the part of the holiday I love. I love being surrounded by people I care about. I recognize that being around family can also cause stress for some. There have been many instances that I have felt like that. The more I am learning to accept my family for who they are the better for me. I will not change them I can only manage my expectations (or let them go!).

During this weekend take time to be grateful for the good in your life. Stay grounded and don’t let
those family members get under your skin. Before attending your dinners/lunches take a deep breath and remind yourself …. this is what my (father/mother/sister/aunt/brother/cousin/friend, etc.) are like.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend.

All my love,


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