Gratitude… there is so much for us to be grateful for in our lives. I recognize that not everyone is happy with the outcome of the election and are concerned with what the future holds while others are thrilled and expect to see great changes to bring back and make America great again however none of us know what will unfold and that likely includes Mr. Trump.

What I do know for sure is that everyday we wake up and are able to walk out of our homes and breathe the fresh air, drink water, and eat what we like, spend time with people we care about then we can consider ourselves lucky and say, “Life is good.”

The media has done a tremendous job in creating fear, anxiety, concern, worry that many of us do not realize we are in control of our outcome, not the media outlets. This weekend step back from all of this and just be in the moment.

Let Thanksgiving be about what it is meant to be, “thanks and gratitude” for what is. What are the simple things that bring a smile to your face? Is it the smell of turkey cooking, seeing cousins you haven’t seen in a while, being home with your family and friends for a wonderful dinner, a coffee with a friend? For those that are away from their families try and spend time with someone you care about. My family is not just my relations it includes my spiritual family as well. These are people that have my back, want the best for me and I know I can always count on.

On that note I want to wish my friends in the US a wonderful weekend and happy thanksgiving for you and your families. For the rest of us I too wish you a wonderful weekend. Do something fun. Black Friday seems to have infiltrated into many other countries. If you can brave the crowds you will likely find some great deals.

All my best for this weekend.



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