I am thrilled that this is so. I was asked to speak at one of my chapters on the topic of Financial Empowerment.

I sent two topic ideas:

1. The Role Of Women Today – it has been documented that women are no happier today than their predecessors – even going back to the Women’s Movement in the 1970s. Women are reaching greater positions within the corporate world, within countries – even leading countries – yet to do so there has been a mind set that women need to behave like men, be aggressive, manipulative and step on people – we have a glass ceiling. This is not true. Women can still achieve what they want and do it in a way that allows them to draw on their masculine energy (create my value/speak my truth) and feminine energy – nurturing, kind and compassionate.

2. Financial Empowerment- for too long women have handed off to their spouse, accountant, financial advisor their finances to the point that if something happened to their spouse or significant other they have no idea of their financial situation. Learn that taking back your responsibility and accountability can be fun — it’s a lot like organizing your closet!

While I like the first topic I am determined to bring financial awareness to women – mostly reducing the fear around this area and having them understand that they already perform so many of the actions on a daily basis – budgeting, organizing, tacking stock, and just plain doing!

I will let you know how it goes. I plan to bring this workshop to all women.

Let’s make 2010/2011 the year to take back your power – it puts you in a position to make good decisions and in the least be knowledgeable of your financial position.

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