I am sharing two articles by a close friend of my mother’s Rosalie Moscoe. Rosalie has been in the field of wellness for 20 years and understands how stress can have a negative impact on our bodies and minds. I asked her to write an article to share with you ways that you can reduce stress that many feel around the holidays so that we can enjoy them. To me this is a time to connect with one another; it’s about gratitude and even forgiveness. My goal is to end the year releasing the things that have held me and stressed me. The strategies, tips and tools provided below can be brought into everyday life choices.

Please read. Take what resonates and make it your own!

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Stress-Relief Strategies at the Holidays
By Rosalie Moscoe, RHN, RNCP

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the holidays were meaningful and fun, with everyone raving about your delicious dinner and fabulous home? But often preparations translate into your collapsing after the event, with a headache, sore feet and an aching back.

Do You Try to Be All things to All People?
If so, it’s time to put yourself on the list. If someone asks you to do something that makes you grit your teeth, politely say, “sorry, my plate is full right now”. Yes, it’s the time of the year to honour others, but don’t forget to honour yourself.

Delegate – It’s Good for Your Health!
Coerce teenage kids – they’ll love the cash. Call a caterer, enlist the help of your spouse or partner. Hunt down fabulous, prepared baked goods. You don’t have to do it all yourself.

It’s all About Comfort
On shopping days, banish high heels or platform shoes! No one’s looking at your shoes in a crowded mall! Muster the strength to wear a walking shoe or jogging shoe to prevent exhaustion. Don’t overheat – remove your coat inside stores. When waiting in line, be polite or even patient, even if people are rude. After all, they too are likely stressed!

Gift Giving for the Hurried Person
Skip line ups. Consider gift cards such as Starbucks for your children’s teachers, Future Shop, Best Buy or ITunes cards for a teenager or young adults People love them. Or shop on line and banish the hassles of crowds and aching feet.

Be in the Moment
Instead of recounting your “to-do” list, reward yourself by coming into the present moment.Resolve to complete one task at a time. Don’t text and walk at the same time to avoid getting pommelled by a pole or walking into a store window! Especially note where you parked your car at the mall!


Pamper Yourself and Reduce Stress Over The Holidays
By Rosalie Moscoe, RHN, RNCP

With all the time and energy committed to holiday preparations for the perfect gift, mouth-watering food and spectacular decorations, it’s important to bamboozle some time for yourself to prevent burn-out.

Food to boost energy
Embrace the thought of superb nutrition to not only energize but also to overcome depressive moods that often accompany overwhelming schedules.

When shopping, pretend you’re a health nut and skip the junk food at the mall. Bring along healthy snacks or a sandwich from home. (Use a small cold pack if necessary.) Carry a water bottle to keep hydrated, healthy snacks such as almonds, cashews, pumpkin seeds, an apple, a tangerine, dried apricots or a healthful power bar.

Include protein at each meal to perk up your brain. Devour vegetables and fruit every day for prized anti-oxidants to avoid sick days. Drizzle salads with olive oil for a healthy glowing complexion.

Are you a cookie monster?
Don’t stash excess cookies or chocolate in the house in advance of the holidays. Temptation will run rampant. Too much sugar increases glucose; your moods will rock and roll as you feel elated then plunge to exhaustion. Cravings will explode. Dodge the pastry aisle and plan your escape from deep fried foods and heavy sauces.

Take Some Deep breaths
If you feel overwhelmed, stop and take three gentle breaths in and out. Remind yourself that you’ve always shrunk your list down to size in the past – resolve to do it again! Chill out – have a latte or a tea for 15 minutes. Or stop for a manicure or polish change; you’ll feel renewed.

No Time to Work Out or Relax?
Don’t desert your fitness plans. Navigate outside for a brisk walk a few times a week to raise energy and plummet your stress levels. When you feel pushed to the limit, proclaim YOU time – get a massage or clear your calendar for a short power nap!
As a professional speaker, Rosalie Moscoe has electrified and inspired audiences for almost 20 years. She is passionately committed to guiding people to reduce stress and achieve maximum physical and mental well-being. A graduate and former college instructor on stress-management and a Registered Nutritional Consultant, Rosalie delivers quality, well-crafted presentations, nutritional consulting and stress-relief coaching. She is author of Frazzled Hurried Woman! Your Stress Relief Guide to Thriving. . .Not Merely Surviving. Visit: www.healthinharmony.com

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