A 2010 TD Waterhouse Female Investor Poll, found that three-quarters of Canadian women aged 45 to 64 feel they are savvier investors than their mothers were at the same age.

This is a good thing. Women are now more engaged in financial planning than ever before, which is a pretty dynamic shift from a generation or two ago when many women’s finances were under their husband’s control and they relied on “pin money” to make discretionary purchases.

Becomin more independent is one of the basic steps toward financial success.

The Investor Poll found that when they were growing up, only 5% of daughters surveyed had mothers who told them to be independent – to have their own investments and bank accounts. Contrast that to today, where 69% of women have savings and investments in their own name.

There is still room for improvement … women have acheived their goal of “financial security” however many do not have a cohesive plan to achieve it. Even though it is the foundation of a financially secure future, only three in 10 women have a formal financial plan.

I want to address another issue, the women surveyed for the most part are Canadian women born here in the last 2 or 3 generations. Canada is a land that has many new immigrants. These women and men come to this country with an experience and belief system about financial institutions that may not hold true for Canada but is true from the country that they left. I will give you an example. I met this lovely, hard working, independent woman from Argentina and she told me that at home you did not trust banks. If you put your money in and the bank was robbed or money wasn’t invested well, you can find yourself without your money. There are little to no bank regulations to safeguard your money. In Canada the banks cover up to $100,000.

To me the first step is understanding our system and where you feel your money will be best served. It is likely that you will not have your money with one person or in one place. EDUCATION, AWARENESS, TRANSPARENCY – so that we can make good financial decisions.

In the Poll women defined financial success in many ways. The two most important factors were being able to pay their bills and having saved enough for emeregencies. This is comendable however very conservative and your money may not be placed in situations that will offer you the best returns — FOR YOUR FUTURE. If I stuck my money in a savings account with no interest being earned the value of that money over time will de-value just by nature of yearly inflation. Now, those investors that saw the markets as volatile just prior to the collapse in 2008, to me were very aware and understood that being in cash at that time made sense. Many lost money – some millions – in the 2008 Financial Collapse.

How about being guided so that you can begin to plan your future – be in a position to help your children if they need it, buy your dream retirement home, be able to travel if you want.

A new definition of success has been offered – a more balanced definition of success: One that not only achieves financial security, but also allows you the flexibility to live life the way you’ve always dreamed.

It’s time to raise the bar – for Canadian women and women who have just immigrated to Canada and need to learn a new system and/or way:

Maya Angelou wrote (I love her writing!): “When we know better, we do better.”

Women represent 50% of the population – our economic power is growing – let’s start to match it with our awareness!

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2 Responses to “Women Between 45 – 64 Feel They Are Savvier Investors Than Their Mothers”

  1. Julie Starr on October 21st, 2010 1:43 pm

    You are so right on! It is vital for Women to understand their financial background and future.
    Investing takes some time to learn but a very necessary endeavor. I am a life coach and at Possibility I stress the venture of educating my clients about money.
    The more we know the more abundance flows!
    It’s all about responsiblity.
    Great article, thanks! Julie Starr

  2. Sandra on October 21st, 2010 2:06 pm

    Thank you for your support. Please share this article with many people.



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