Woody Allen’s movie, “Midnight In Paris”

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I just went to see this movie and like all Woody Allen movie’s they leave you with food for thought. It is my belief that things come into your life for a reason — if you are aware you can relate, question, ponder and take the message and if you are not aware than the message will likely pass you by.

I am not sure who has seen the movie and I don’t want to spoil it however… I will just touch on what I felt was a strong message for me. In the movie, the main character, Gill, is a want-to-be writer. His fiancé wants him to continue writing for Hollywood and just make a lot of money for the scripts that are good by that standard however has no meaning for him. Gill’s inspiration comes from the past writers — Hemingway, Fitzgerald, T.S. Elliot and so on: The writers/artists of the 1920s.

Gill and his fiancé find themselves in Paris in the summer tagging along the fiancé’s father’s business trip. Gill is mesmerized by the city – by day and by night. One night when he is strolling he find himself being pulled into “another” world. In fact, he is transported to the 1920s through a car ride that he takes at the strike of midnight. In this world he faces his idol writers, has the opportunity to present his work to a famous editor – Stein. He also meets another woman, Adriana (a lover of Picasso’s while he is still married). She is drawn to Gill and what is interesting is that two lessons are learned by Gill during this transported time.

First, the editor, Stein, tells him that his work needs to come from his heart. Second, this woman, Adriana tells Gill that she wishes that she lived in the 1890s not the 1920s and he asks, “why?” as he feels that she is living in the greatest time period – Pairs in the 1920s amongst some of the greatest and most influential artists of our time. For her this is not her truth. She looks to the past for her happiness. At this moment and time Gill sees that he has also been doing that. He realizes that he has been looking to a past time for his happiness rather than being in the present; accepting what he is going through and being grateful for what he has and then changing what he no longer aligns with.

He is inspired to re-write his book and gets the accolades from both Stein the editor and Hemingway (other writers tend to be competitive about this stuff!). He learns to trust himself, write from his heart and be in the moment.

In life, there are people who live in their past – the GLORY days. They talk about what was and how things were and remember when…. That is fine once in a while to reflect and see where you are at today however to be immersed in this way of thinking does not allow for awareness and growth. To me it is an indication that you are not willing to take responsibility and accountability for today. It is much easier to be in denial and not face things.

You must also be careful of living in your future … for to live your life “when this happens I will be (happy, rich, successful) is to live a life with a carrot in front of your face. This carrot will never be yours for the taking.

The key to life is to be in the present. Life is a PRESENT and with that we need to look in the mirror and decide if we see what we like. I feel that taking what has worked or what you like from your past or from people of past is good, HOWEVER, we must take that and than make it our own and relevant to today.

I want you to look around at memorabilia, pictures and smile with what the memory brings and then close your eyes and think and feel what is happening today – accept and be grateful for where you are at and what you have. Visualize the life that you want not as a future however as though you are already living it. Put that energy out to the universe – trust and believe and then let it go.

For those new to visualizing it may take time. I ask that you really feel what you are saying; know you are worthy and then allow yourself to receive.

I want to wish everyone a wonderful weekend.

All my love,


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