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Posted Friday, February 24th, 2017. Filed Under My Daily Dose

I follow Doreen Virtue on Instagram and this card popped up today: GRATITUDE

To be honest it is the perfect card as I was feeling a bit down today.. and I don’t know why. This card reminds me of all that is good in my life. Here is what Doreen has to say about the card, GRATITUDE:

This card usually pops up whenever we are complaining or feeling sorry for ourselves-which we all do occasionally. We pray for help and that’s when we get reminders such as this card, about the amazing miraculous healing and manifesting power of Gratitude.

It’s a reminder to shift your thoughts to focusing on upon what’s going right, and feeling the body rush of gratitude warming you heart. It’s a caution about choosing words that describe your positive intentions , instead of fear-based words. It’s focusing upon solutions, instead of complaining about problems.

One of the many reasons why I adore Mother Mary is because she exudes feminine empowerment, without an edge of ego. She helps us to overcome beliefs that we’re victims of outside control, and to instead honour and utilize the all-power that God installed within ‘you’ and each of us.

So…for what or for whom are you grateful? One of the most powerful manifestations and healing secrets is to feel grateful that your prayers have been answered…before they’re answered! Feel butterflies of excitement about the great experiences that God is bestowing upon you. Have so much faith in God that your prayers are already answered in spiritual truth…in the highest and best way. Because they are!

LOVE THIS … have a great day.

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