Words of inspiration from Maya Angelou….

Posted Friday, September 12th, 2014. Filed Under My Daily Dose

Truth…. I have been dealing with a lot of liars and/or people who do not present their truth lately. The truth is the people will show you who they are. The question is are we willing to see people for who they are.

I love the words from the late Maya Angelou:

“When people show you – or tell you – who they are, believe them the first time”.

This is a quote that Angelou shared with Oprah and they are words she has stuck by. Oprah in her magazine shares when Angelou says to her, “Baby, they show you and show you, and you still don’t believe what you see! Why does it take you 29 times?” This conversation for Oprah was life changing.

It can also change your life. I look at peoples’ action and from there I see if their words and actions are consistent.

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