Would haves, Could haves, Should haves, What if???

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These are words that I feel need to be eliminated from our vocabulary — mine included.  I am very careful what I say and sure enough it still seems to creep up into my conversation.
I was leaving my Tao Te Ching study group and I was talking to this amazing angel, Marilyn, and I was telling her I am ready to really meet someone and let them in at the initimate level. I told her “I could not have done this before for I was not in a good place”. She looks at me and says,”It is not that you could or could not it is that you were unable”.  This really made me stop and think and YES SHE IS CORRECT, I made a choice based on my own beliefs, mostly about myself, experiences, understanding and awareness level.
I need to give myself permission to know that I only knew what I knew.

I understand that in my past I did not love and honour myself as I do today. I have taken back my power and know that I am worthy of receiving unconditional love.  It also means I need to trust and open my heart to let someone in.  It is so clear to me ..  a little scary in an exciting way… the more I open my heart chakra and unconditionally love and honour myself, the more I will vibrate this energy and what will come into my life is my mirror, the partner who will love and honour me in the same way.

A new friend, Michele, has written an article about her journey of love. I am excited to share her work — know that wherever you are in your journey there is hope — a light at the end of the tunnel.



What if’s….


Divine Intention…

This is what this story is about.

Each one of us has contracts with many souls.  I am no exception.
What started off as a “double date” approximately 30 years ago has turned
into a “twosome”.

When I was seriously involved with my ex-husband, a friend asked if we would
double date.  Of course, we said yes.  Our friend and her date did not
remain connected.  However, I remained connected with her date.  Her date
and I became quick friends.  To make this story short, we attended each
other’s weddings and kept in touch over the years.   Ironically, our
children all went to camp together and eventually worked together at camp.

On one particular camp bag pick up, I informed “her date” that I was no
longer with my husband.  I proceeded to talk about a women’s group I was
involved in and gave him a card for his wife.  She was not interested and so
he filed the card.

Months later, I received an email from “her date” informing me that he had
separated and was now on his own.

“Her date” now became “my date”.

After our first date, we discussed our past connections and concluded that
there was always a strong connection between us.  We also talked about “what
if” we had gone out when we first met.

I don’t believe that there are “what if’s”.  Everything that happens is
exactly how it should be.

It was divine intention that provided us with the paths we were on and the
one we are on today.

My boyfriend and I are extremely happy, love each other, respect each other,
and enjoy all the time we spend together.  We share the same birthday (one
year apart) and are experiencing an indescribable connection with each

There are many adages I could use.  The best to describe our relationship…

A Match made in Heaven; and,
Good things come to those who wait.
Counting my blessings every day,



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