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This past few weeks doors have been opening up for me. Getting back into the workplace has been trying at best. Let me clarify, when I say I am getting back into the workforce it is not because I have received one interview… NO … it is because I have busted my butt to get out there and talk to people.

I was introduced to Lorne Simon and he as brought me into youth related projects. His company, MPRC, is a communications firm that does PR, media, content, and communications. Ironically I am doing a lot of writing and pitching and I thought I would move away from Marketing and writing. But my English background and writing a book has proved useful. The best part is that I am also able to bring my empowerment and engagement work into the fold.

I was having lunch with a friend yesterday and we were talking about the workforce. He runs an employment centre as part of TDSB. We both agree that there is a disconnect between employers and the youth hiring. I told him that when I was looking for a “job” and applying to all these jobs in HR and marketing I was hearing no response. It was/is a very debilitating process. I relate to our new graduates and those underemployed for I too am re-entering the market after 15 years. Even with my project work, my websites, my book and Kidz2Kidz, employers do not value my work for I do not have the titles they are looking for.

So instead I created my own path. It has been a lot of work. It has meant reconnecting and reaching out to people. Lorne has been exceptionally helpful introducing me back into the corporate world. I am slowly building my credibility and relationships.

I am tenacious, a big thinker, a visionary so I am looking to work with people and companies like this.

I was asked to speak on April 29th at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on Youth entrepreneurship. After spending a year trying to shift paradigms in the education and career development field I have decided to put my energies into the younger students/millennials/Gen Y and Z through youth entrepreneurship. I believe we can change things from the bottom-up.

I pitched an entertainment company on an intern idea that will change the way we give our kids hands-on experience.

I have also put together training modules to approach companies looking for succession and how to build the next level of leadership with the Millennial/Gen Y.

For the parents out there who want to do best by their children, look at many different avenues. Make a list of everyone you know and have dealt with, networked, are friends with that can help you open doors for your children. The rest of the work will have to come from them. I have seen this and firmly believe to be successful in this day and age, the kids graduating and those recently graduated will need to create their destiny: Branding yourself, effectively communicating who you are and what value you can bring to the table, networking and building relationships.

Parents of course open the doors but let your child step in and do the work. If not there are many out there who are willing to do this.

There is a lot of competition out there with the closing of doors for Future Shop, Target and merger of Heinz and Kraft. These are only but a few of what we hear about.

The good news is there is so much support for the youth entrepreneurs. You need to seek out in your area and cities what governments and entrepreneur incubators are doing. Here are a list of a few I know of in the GTA:

Futurpreneur canada (used to be CYBF)
YEDI- York Entrepreneurship Development Insititute
Helix at Seneca College
Women’s Centre of York Region (helping with micro loans) (905-853-9270)
BDC – Business Development Bank of Canada
Mars Institute Toronto
The Venture Lab
Growthlogic Inc. — really like them
Job Skills

There are also the small business enterprise centres:

Vaughan- VBEC
York Region

You can google incubators, youth entrepreneurship in your area.

I just want to leave a positive note for parents that there is hope and it is going to have to be created from our children.

I want to wish everyone a wonderful weekend.

Off to the yoga show…

All my love,


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