I am doing something that I have resisted for the last three maybe four years — writing a business plan. I resisted and now I embrace this the way I see it. I am following an outline however I will give it my spin for sure. I am having someone guide me through this process.

It is scary and exciting time for me. I have all these fears and even anxious feelings coming forward. The great thing is that I know that this too will pass. I am grounding myself, breathing, saying affirmations and continuing to do my work because I know the importance of it.

There are others who are going through things in their life. It may be something small or large however impactful. I want to reinforce that, as I said last week, we are clearing a lot of debris right now and this includes those fears that have held you back. These fears are not real nor true. This is you ego trying to pull you back and be what you DON’T want to be. Many people are “ascending” and moving from the old ways of 3D to the 5th dimension. What this means is you are acting more in truth to who you are and being true to yourself. I see this behaviour all around me. I also see some people questioning, “Who Am I?” That’s okay as long as you don’t stop there. Decide what makes you feel good as a person – being nice to others, listening to your gut, speaking your truth in a respectful manner. Also look at the parts of you that you don’t like. The other day I said a comment that triggered someone close to me. I saw the consequence of that response. More importantly I realized that by saying that comment I was not being who I wanted – I didn’t like what I said, the response it brought and how it made this person and myself feel. I vowed to never say that comment again and I mean it.

I am so proud to see those closest to me, my best friend in particular, making changes. The result is taking baby steps bringing him closer to what he wants and who he wants to be. He is an amazing person.

I talk about change coming through baby steps. I say it however I also walk this talk. I truly believe it. I am ready to take on my fears and work through them so they “go away”. I can and am doing my life’s purpose and I know by completing this business plan which is really a 2 year plan, will bring a lot of clarity and direction for me.

I am so excited.

This weekend sit back and think about what I wrote. Decide what you like about yourself and what you do not. The parts you do not may need just a tweaking. Do not be hard on yourself. Let go of those fears that are holding you back. Now is the time for action. Decide what it is that you want to do and then take baby steps to doing it. Break it down into small steps if you have to. You can do this. If I can so can you.

I want to wish everyone who celebrates St. Patrick’s Day a happy one. Enjoy.

I want to wish everyone a wonderful weekend.

All my love,


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