I was watching the movie Hairspray with my six year old and at the beginning there is a comment about how we need to “white the world”.  My son said, mom what does that mean? I said, at one time in history — unfortunately not too long ago, there were some that believed that white people are better and smarter than black people.  He just stated in the calmest voice, we are all humans and that doesn’t make sense. I was driving and I just turned my head when I had the opportunity and I said YES WE ARE ALL HUMAN AND ALL EQUAL, NEVER FORGET THIS.

The world is a changin’ — I received this email from a friend of mine about Zimbabwe, formely Rhodesia, and she said:

See the amazing website below of Morgan Tsvangirai,  the new Prime Minister  of Zimbabwe!!!!!  Bill Clinton said in a speech that the world is getting better and that more and more democracies are developing throughout the world.   There are still many people living under oppressive dictatorships but when you look at the changes that are starting to happen in Zimbabwe and the incredible strength of the Iranian people who have said “enough” and are standing up for their rights and freedoms-it gives me hope that one day (hopefully in our time) the world will be a place where all men, women and children will enjoy the amazing freedom that we are so priviledged to enjoy in this wonderful country called Canada.


I am so excited to see what is going on not only in Zimbabwe however in Iran as well!  It is you, the youth, that will bring about changes in this world; a world where all are equal and treated the same.

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