You Can Make Your Cravings Work for You

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I am sharing this Oprah article written by Lindsay Funston, in which O enlisted registered dietician and nutrition counsellor Marissa Lippert, founder of Nourish Kitchen + Table in NYC to give us some tips to keep us healthy.

Fill Up On Good Fats In The Morning
A lot of women turn to low fat/no fat in their diet but we need healthy fats to sustain us through until lunch. If not then were are often hungrier at lunch and sometimes make unwise choices. Here are three suggestions for breakfast that would hold you until lunch.

1. 4 ounce serving of full-fat plain yogurt that you can top with fresh fruit and a tablespoon of chopped nuts (your choice) or two to three tablespoons of granola.

2. A slice of whole grain toast topped with a thin smear of full-fat cream cheese, three pieces (2 ounces) of smoked salmon, thinly sliced cucumber, and red onion.

3. a hard-boiled egg and half an avocado sprinkled with flaky sea-salt, crushed red pepper flakes, and lemon juice.

All of these offer a healthy dose of fat, protein, and fiber to steady the blood sugar and metabolism.

Listen To Your Body
Take time to figure out which food satisfy you and makes you feel full and which leave you not completely satisfied. Once you identify your most filling foods, build your meals around those items. For instance if you crave bread in the morning go for the complex ones, such as whole grains. If you’re a meat person, “a steak salad will feel like a total treat,” Lippert says.
When it comes to cheese as long as you use one to two tablespoons of cheese and not eat the whole “wheel” than you are fine.

Make A Lunch You Actually Want To Eat
If you are stuck at your desk then bring with you things like almonds or other nuts to tie you over. If you grab for a granola bar then make sure it’s low in sugar. When it comes to lunch consider lunches with complex carbs, like brown rice, barley, or quinoa. Another option is a complex carb like sweet potato.
Loppers says, “I find that women who skimp on complex carbs earlier in the day tend to crave sweets later in the afternoon because they don’t have that steady stream of released energy to sustain them.”

To make grains and green salads more enticing, stack them with flavourful ingredients and different textures, such as a sharp cheese (i.e. cheddar), crunchy nuts, and creamy avocado, and a full-fat-olive-oil based dressing. “Your body can’t metabolize some of the nutrients found in veggies without a healthy dose of good fats,” Lippert says.

Follow The 3/4 Rule
We often eat on the run or in front of our computers. When eating, Lippert recommends making a mental note to come to a stopping point once you’re 75 percent done so that you can check in and see if you are full rather than mindlessly inhaling what’s left.

Amp Up Afternoons
For those stuck in an office, afternoons can be a time when you want to grab a cookie, donut or whatever is hanging around the office. Lippert says, “Having an afternoon pick-me-up that you actually like is important.” If you have a chocolate craving eat it — 1 tablespoon of chocolate almond butter on a piece of fruit will give you healthy fats and protein — a good fix.

For a savory snack, Lippert suggests bringing fresh-cut vegetables such as radishes and carrots or crispbreads/healthy crackers and a simple garlic and white bean dip.
Recipe for white bean dip = puree a can of cannellini beans with a clove of garlic, a drizzle of olive oil, lemon juice, sale and pepper.
Lippert shares not to underestimate the power of a cappuccino: “The milk is rich and filling and when spiked with a little cocoa or cinnamon, it can feel indulgent.”

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