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Gregg Braden: Your Life Will Unfold Depending on Your Core Beliefs
I attended a seminar at the “I Can Do It Show” in Toronto, Spring 2008, in which Gregg Braden said that depending on your fundamental core belief that you hold it will determine how your life unfolds.  He was referring to the core beliefs: Do you believe in a world where we are all equal and one; that we are all connected OR do you believe in a world of duality: good vs. bad, light  vs. dark, right vs. wrong, etc.?

There is no right answer. In fact you may begin your journey believing one thing and along the way have an awareness and discover your core beliefs have changed. That is what happened to me.

As I said before there is no right answer — it is what is right for you.  In order for you to be in alignment with how you think and feel you really need to make a choice and then be it. For me, as I said, there was a time when I was an intellectual snob. I only wanted to be surrounded by people who were educated, travelled, lived and worked in a certain social and economic strata .. then my journey of self-awareness began and I discovered that many of the beliefs that I held were not my own and I did not resonate with them. I let them go and I did a 360 degree turn around.

I no longer believe that I am better than or worse than any other human being. I believe that we are all equal. Through my various studies, one being The Course Of Miracles, I came to understand that we are all one.  This does not mean that I connect with every single person. I does allow me to understand that each person is where they are meant to be and I can have compassion and understanding while still speaking my truth and setting boundaries.

One misconception is that we are striving to be more spiritual. This is not so.   Every human being is spiritual; some are just more aware than others.  We are a spiritual being having a human experience.

You may find that you choose to behave and believe in one way and your child chooses to believe in another.  Again, this is ok. You need to honour both — Be who you are however understand that your child is on their own journey and they may choose to follow another path. It does not mean that you take away from your own personal experiences and knowledge; honour that, however perhaps you may  want to challenge the way you think about certain things.  Does this serve you and the world we live in today? The answer lies within, in your heart. Listent to your heart and follow it – be true to yourself.

There are big shifts happening all over the world in many countries.  We are seeing in some countries where one group of people have ruled using “bullying” or dictatorship-like tactics. The young people are rebelling and saying, No I am part of this world, I am human and we are all equal. The shifts are happening. I am very fortunate to live in such an enlightened country, Canada. This country has a chance to “lead by example” and show the world that you can honour and celebrate the cultural differences while still feeling and being one with this country – I AM CANADIAN.

Which ever path you choose just know that it where you are meant to be and if YOU FEEL that something is not “right within” than you can choose to change this! There are many people here to support you on your path.

Enjoy it!  Be in the MOMENT.

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